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4 Nov, 2015
Toshiba to Collaborate with GE on Industrial IoT Pilot Project
24 Sep, 2015
Toshiba dissolved its capital ties with cyberGRID.
18 Sep, 2015
Toshiba Starts Demonstration of Positive Energy Building (PEB) in Lyon, France
24 Jul, 2015
Correction of Part of “Sale of Certain Shares Held by Toshiba Subsidiary”
22 Jul, 2015
Completion of Sale of Certain Shares Held by Toshiba Subsidiary
20 Apr, 2015
Toshiba Begins Operation of Independent Energy Supply System Utilizing Renewable Energy and Hydrogen  [video]
26 Mar, 2015
Toshiba and United Technologies Sign New Agreement to Localize Operations of HVAC Joint Venture
13 Nov, 2014
Toshiba and Cisco Intend to Engage on Internet of Things (IoT) Strategy
13 Nov, 2014
Toshiba to conduct cooperative demonstration experiment of an independent energy supply system utilizing renewable energy and hydrogen with Kawasaki City
16 Oct, 2014
Toshiba and United Technologies Sign New Agreement to Grow Joint Venture
2 Oct, 2014
Toshiba Smart Home Offers Customers a Hands-on Experience of Tomorrow
29 Sep, 2014
Toshiba Carrier to Merge with its Subsidiary Toshiba Carrier Airconditioning Service Corporation (Toshiba Carrier Corporation)
10 Jul, 2014
Toshiba Announces Participation in Summer 2014 Yokohama Smart City Project Demonstration
16 Jun, 2014
Toshiba to Demonstrate Home Energy Monitoring System and Community Management System in Lyon, France
14 Feb, 2014
Toshiba Announces Social Infrastructure Strategy Grounded in Expansion from India to the World
7 Jan, 2014
Toshiba to join hands with India Value Fund in Water and Waste Water Management Business
24 Oct, 2013
Toshiba Launches Hero Animation "Double Circle" Describes the Smart Community
15 Oct, 2013
Toshiba to start Car Sharing System utilizing Solar Power in Lyon, France
9 Oct, 2013
Ishinomaki City to Introduce Community Energy Management System with Toshiba and Tohoku EPCO, towards Establishing Smart Community

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