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20 Oct, 2020
General Availability of GridDB® Enterprise Edition 4.5: Features Advanced Enterprise Functionalities (Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation)
27 Aug, 2020
Toshiba Starts the first Data Collection Service using LPISTM (Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation)
9 Jul, 2020
Toshiba Digital Solutions Releases the Distributed Co-Simulation Platform for the Automotive Industry (Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation)
17 Jun, 2020
Toshiba to Open Source GridDB®’s SQL Interface, Aims to Accelerate Open Innovation (Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation)
30 Mar, 2020
User Experience with New “DIY style IoT” ifLink Open Community
3 Mar, 2020
Toshiba’s Distributed Database for IoT and Big Data GridDB® Wins The Database Society of Japan Industrial Achievement Award (Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation)
2 Mar, 2020
Toshiba Names Taro Shimada to Head its Digital Solutions Business
3 Dec, 2019
Toshiba’s Distributed Database GridDB® Now Features Scale-Out and Scale-Up combo for Petabyte-scale Data Management (Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation)
5 Nov, 2019
The New ifLink Open Community Will Bring IoT Solutions to More Services and Products
28 Oct, 2019
Toshiba and Gestamp Cooperation in IoT/AI Project will Promote Quality Welding Operations in the Automobile Industry (Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation)
10 Sep, 2019
Greater Anglia turns to Toshiba’s AI solutions to enhance train timetabling and improve customer convenience (Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation)
19 Jul, 2019
Takashimaya Partners FPT Software, Toshiba to Launch New CRM System (Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation)
17 Jul, 2019
Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation’s Simulated Bifurcation Machine, Software Enabling Massive Combinatorial Optimization at High Speed, Now Available on AWS Marketplace: (Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation)
2 Jul, 2019
Toshiba’s New Edge Virtualization Products for the Japanese Market will Accelerate IoT in Manufacturing (Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation)
17 Jun, 2019
Toshiba’s Scale-out Database GridDB Now Even Easier to Maintain (Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation)
12 Jun, 2019
Toshiba’s GridDB scale-out database and Hitachi’s Pentaho data integration and analysis platform together deliver new capabilities to business customers. (Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation)
3 May, 2019
Toshiba Strengthens Africa Presence with New Branch Office in Kenya
15 Jan, 2019
Toshiba' s Scale-out Database GridDB Now Reinforced with Enterprise-Grade Long-Term Archiving of IoT data (Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation)
10 Jan, 2019
Toshiba Group to Reevaluate Organizational Structure
19 Dec, 2018
Keiichi Yumita to Join Toshiba as Chief Information Officer and to Oversee IT System Reform
15 Oct, 2018
Toshiba to Provide Remote Support Service to Tohoku Electric for Maintenance and Facility Operation of Substations (Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation)
26 Sep, 2018
Taro Shimada to Join Toshiba to Strengthen Digital Transformation and Business Expansion
29 Jun, 2018
Toshiba Strengthens Human Resources and Organizational Structure in Digital Transformation
13 Jun, 2018
Mitsui and Toshiba Group to Form Alliance For Digital Transformation
29 Nov, 2017
Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation to Streamline through Early Retirement Incentive Program
29 Nov, 2017
Huawei and Toshiba Digital Solutions Showcase the First NB-IoT-based Joint Solution for Smart Factory (Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation)
9 Nov, 2017
Toshiba Digital Solutions and Dell Technologies to Collaborate on Artificial Intelligence Mission-Critical Services (Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation)
7 Nov, 2017
Toshiba Digital Solutions and Tech Mahindra Join Hands to Target Smart Factory (Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation)
8 Aug, 2017
Toshiba's New AI Technology Contributes to Safety and Security in Large Facilities by Tracking Multiple People at Once
18 Jul, 2017
Toshiba Digital Solutions is helping Overseas Visitors to Kumamoto Prefecture Multi-language translation provided by Communication AI RECAIUS Service (Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation)
18 Jul, 2017
New Wearable Device from Taisei and Toshiba Improves Gatekeeping at Construction Sites (Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation)
18 Jul, 2017
Toshiba Joins EdgeX Foundry to Help Unify IoT Edge Computing (Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation)
28 Apr, 2017
DENSO and Toshiba to Collaborate on IoT-based Manufacturing, Advanced Driver Assistance, Automated Driving, and Others
17 Mar, 2017
Toshiba showcases IoT solutions at CeBIT 2017
10 Mar, 2017
Toshiba and RIKEN to Collaborate in AI Research and Development
4 Nov, 2016
"Coordinate Plus," Toshiba’s Virtual Fitting System Ready for Deep Link with Internet Shopping sites
1 Nov, 2016
Toshiba Reinforces IoT Business with the Launch of SPINEX
31 Oct, 2016
Toshiba Launches GridDB Vector Edition, Ultra-Fast Data Matching Technology
27 Oct, 2016
Toshiba Expands Meister with Operation & Maintenance Visualizer Suite,Cloud-Based Solution for Remote System Surveillance and Monitoring
27 Oct, 2016
Toshiba and Jinya Connect take Proof of Concept tests of AI-based Operation-support solution at Jinya Inn, Japanese Traditional Hot Spring Hotel
25 Oct, 2016
Toshiba's Latest Advance in Voice Recognition can Distinguish Multiple Individual Speakers, Without Special Training
19 Oct, 2016
Can I Help You? Toshiba Launches New Freemium Plans for Voice Recognition and Translation App
17 Oct, 2016
Toshiba's Polyspector™ Creates Powerful Visualization Platform for Big Data
17 Oct, 2016
Toshiba and Dell Technologies' Deep Learning Testbed for IoT is First Approved by Industrial Internet Consortium
13 Oct, 2016
Toshiba's IoT Service Platform to Provide Global Remote Communications Service for Kobe Steel's Standard Compressor
13 Oct, 2016
BT and Toshiba Launch UK's First Quantum Security Showcase
3 Oct, 2016
Toshiba to Field Test Innovative Information Service for Tourists in Japan at Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza
5 Sep, 2016
Toshiba and Alpine Enter Industrial Drone Service Business
11 Jul, 2016
Toshiba Introduces Retail Market Loyalty Program Management System to Vietnam
25 May, 2016
Toshiba’s Ultra-Fast Data Matching Technology is Over 50 Times Faster than its Predecessors  [video]
5 Apr, 2016
Toshiba Corporation to Participate in the "Civil Infrastructure Platform" Project

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