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Special Feature:Realization of smart communities

With the growth in the world population and its concentration in cities as well as the rise in energy demand, the issue of how wisely we can use various resources is of global concern.
One promising solution is “smart communities.”
Toshiba Group will concentrate its energies on the realization of smart communities by fully utilizing the technology it has accumulated over the years together with its collective strength.

  • Yokohama Smart City Project (YSCP)
  • Project in Lyon, France
  • Construction of a smart industrial complex in Tianjin, China

Why now?

We are faced with a number of problems that must be solved if we are to achieve sustainability of the world. One such example is population growth. The population of Africa and Asia will continue to grow in the years to come, and in 2050, the combined population of these regions is expected to reach around 1.5 times what it is now, boosting the world's population to over 9 billion people. This is causing increased concern over food, resources, the environment, and other problems. The influx of more people into urban areas, meanwhile, is expected to cause serious urban problems. As a result, world demand for energy is predicted to rise approximately 1.5 times compared to the 2006 level by 2030, causing problems such as increases in CO2 emissions and wider disparities between countries that are rich in natural resources and those that are not. These effects will inevitably have significant impact on the world economy and business activities if this situation continues unchecked.

For this reason, it is now indispensable to take measures to cope with such problems through the sustainable use of energy and resources. Therefore, the necessity of smart communities is drawing close public attention.

Business goal

Toshiba Group will contribute to realize the expanding smart community through its business. It has already participated in many commercial and pilot projects in various regions of the world and will drive the market as a pioneer of smart communities.

City planning for a smart community:Overseas63%,Japan37%,FY2015 900billion yen,Currently approximately 400 billion yen

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Characteristics of Toshiba1 Comprehensive solutions

The smart community that Toshiba Group is aiming to create covers a wide range of areas, including not only smart grids that efficiently use energy but also water management, traffic control, health care, security, and disaster prevention. Integral to the realization of the smart community is the technology required to collect accurate data that is continually changing according to the situation in these areas, and to process large amounts of such data and control them in optimal ways.

Toshiba Group has sensing and control technologies required for detection and measurement and ICT that underpins information infrastructures. Since the Group has accumulated such comprehensive technology, it can support the very foundations of smart-community development and provide the best solutions.

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Characteristics of Toshiba2 Global business development

Toshiba Group participates in many smart community projects in various regions of the world. Solutions for smart communities cover a wide range of areas from community development to the management thereof. Toshiba Group therefore collaborates with companies that are expected to complement Toshiba Group or produce a synergy effect when they work together as well as with those companies that possess proprietary technology related to smart communities. Toshiba Group is implementing M&A projects as exemplified by the acquisition of Landis+Gyr, Inc., one of the world's leading manufacturers of smart meters, in July 2011. Thus Toshiba Group is pushing forward with its smart community projects worldwide.

Toshiba Group is also stepping up localization through efforts such as collaboration with China's state-run enterprises and the Singapore government. Thus we will provide the best solutions to achieve two goals simultaneously: the comfortable living of individuals and sustainable cities.

Column: Energy management for stabilizing and utilizing natural energy

In managing electric energy, it is indispensable to capture natural energy, which generates varying amounts of electricity depending on the weather, and control the amounts of electricity generated by it. In conjunction with electricity storage facilities, generators are required to control and stabilize the frequency of electricity and the level of voltage in real time. Such technology enables the introduction of photovoltaic, wind, and other power generation systems, as distributed power sources that also play a vital part in ensuring energy security in the event of natural disasters.

Toshiba Group's Smart Community Business

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Present status of Toshiba's initiatives for smart community projectsParticipating in 27 projects* in Japan and

Participating in 27 projects* in Japan and overseas focusing on each community's priority issues

Smart grid type(Includes the use of renewable energy) 11projects These projects focus on the development of smart grids, which control the balance between energy supply and demand in an optimal manner. They include projects that use a renewable energy supply.
Smart communityRedevelopment type 11projects These projects introduce smart technology into the entire community, including water, transport, distribution, and other aspects of life such as energy. They are divided into two categories: redevelopment, for the redevelopment of existing communities; and new development, for the development of new smart communities.
Smart community New development type
  • Yokohama Smart City Project (YSCP)
  • Project in Lyon, France
  • Construction of a smart industrial complex in Tianjin, China