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Hightlight  2. Support for recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake
The projects at a glance

Continuing to provide support for affected areas in cooperation with Group companies in Japan and overseas

Since immediately after the earthquake, Toshiba Group has provided a wide range of support with the aim of helping affected people and areas to recover from the disaster and to rebuild their communities as soon as possible.
As part of its” Toshiba EAST Japan ASHITA (Future) Plan,” which was launched in FY2012, the company will continue to offer support primarily for rebuilding key local industries and promoting job creation.
This section reports on our major support activities in FY2012.

Providing support for recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake since March 2011

Reconstruction of Key Local Industries and Job Creation

Since FY2011, in order to support the quick recovery of fisheries in affected coastal areas, Toshiba Group has been donating office equipment and funds for purchasing fishing boats to the Miyagi Prefecture Fisheries Cooperative (JF Miyagi). In FY2012, the Group offered 100 million yen to help rebuild branch offices that had been washed away by tsunami.

Fuel tanks donated to JF Miyagi
Fuel tanks donated to JF Miyagi

Station for sorting out goods
Station for sorting out goods

Support for external exchanges and drawing people’s attention to the affected areas

Minamisoma Solar Agripark
Minamisoma Solar Agri-Park

Toshiba Group invested 100 million yen to support the Minamisoma Solar Agri-Park project, which was launched by Fukushima Solar Inc. to help rebuild Fukushima Prefecture, Toshiba invested 100 million yen. And in Iwate Prefecture, the Group donated LED lighting and photovoltaic power generation systems to Chusonji Temple, which is one of the main assets of Hiraizumi in Iwate Prefecture, a World Heritage site to attract more tourists.
Further, Toshiba Group has been actively involved in various events, including Louvre Museum’s exhibition in three Tohoku cities in 2012.

Support for the growth of future generations

Exchanges among scholarship recipients
Exchanges among scholarship recipients

Toshiba Group is providing Toshiba scholarships in the amount of 100,000 yen per person per month to 230 university students living in Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima Prefectures from October 2011 until their graduation. These scholarships were awarded to students who encountered difficulty in continuing their education due to financial reasons as a result of the earthquake. 50 recipients graduated in March 2012. In FY2012, we continued to offer scholarships to 180 students.

Support by Toshiba Group employees

New employees helping ship wakame
New employees helping ship wakame

Toshiba Group continues to collect donations from its employees and dispatch volunteers (primarily union members) to the affected areas. Toshiba sells specialty goods from the affected areas at its head office and plants as well as serves dishes made using ingredients from the three affected prefectures in its cafeterias.
Since FY2012, new employees of Toshiba and its Group companies have helped ship wakame seaweed in affected areas as part of their training program.

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