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[Hightlight  2]Support for recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake
Toshiba Group has implemented support programs to help affected people and areas to recover from the disaster and to rebuild their communities as soon as possible. The Group also cooperates in providing assistance to maintain the stability of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station and to hasten its decommissioning.

[The project at a glance]
Addressing priority tasks in three prefectures of Tohoku
Providing support for reconstruction worth about 500 million yen in FY2012

In April 2012, Toshiba announced its “Toshiba East Japan ASHITA  (Future) Plan,” a reconstruction support program aimed primarily at helping affected local communities to re-establish their economic independence. During FY2012, the Group provided reconstruction support worth 500 million yen, including scholarships, to follow-up on its efforts that began since FY2011.

[Case study: Minamisoma]
Minamisoma Solar Agri-Park Project

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