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Toshiba Science Museum

Photo: The Toshiba Science Museum

In January 2014, the Toshiba Science Museum was reopened near JR Kawasaki Station as a location for the support of science-technology education, a linchpin in Toshiba's social action programs. It is used for a multitude of purposes, such as social studies field trips, school trips, corporate training, international exchanges, and sightseeing. It is a facility where people of all generations can have fun while learning about science and technology through extensive hands-on programs and exhibitions consisting of 3 concepts: past, present, and future.

Since opening the old "Toshiba Science Museum", we have shaped our exhibits to our visitors and provide guidance in Japanese, English, and Chinese, according to their needs. We have many people come to the museum from all over the world every year.
On Sunday, June 11, 2017, we held our first collaboration event with the Tokyo University of Science entitled "Future Lab?Door to Science?," where we achieved a record 5,753 visitors in a single day.

Toshiba Science Museum (Official site)

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Museum exhibits

Photo:Museum exhibits

As a facility to preserve and display industrial heritage, a point of publicity for the Toshiba brand, and location for cultural exchange for the community, the museum exhibits the science around us through the past, present, and future, in an easy-to-understand way.
We also plan special exhibitions divided into periods in regards to particular themes in addition to our permanent exhibits. The history zone is one in which you can look back on the history of Toshiba that changed the way people live through various advanced technologies. The science zone is another in which children can joyously learn about science and technology through experiments and workshops. The future zone is an exhibition in which you can experience the Smart Community for which Toshiba aims.

Photo:Museum exhibits

A fun science show that allows you to come in direct contact with science is held every day with monthly themes at the science stage in the middle of the museum.

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Educational programs

Photo:Educational programs

The Toshiba Group plans and operates events, such as trial classes, workshops, and experiments, geared towards general visitors on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and during summer vacation. We provide other field trips, such as science shows and environmental seminars, for groups according to the participants. Also, we offer a series of lectures of one-year memberships for activities in the Kawasaki Saiwai Boys and Girls Inventors' Club that is flooded with ingenuity under the instruction of lecturers, some of whom are volunteers from among the Toshiba staff.

Photo:Science Experiment Workshop

Science Experiment Workshops

There are workshops they helps open the doors to science for children. They can thoroughly study the principles of science through experiments and handicrafts that they cannot experience at school. The targets are students from the lower grades of elementary school to middle school. You can apply from the homepage. Those workshops are popular and there are many applicants every month.

Our instructors work cooperatively to hold exhibitions with many groups, such as the NPO Galileo Science Workshop, an NPO, Kawasaki Atom Workshop and others that have been with us since we were at our old premises. We are also involved with RIKATANS, Tokodai Science Techno, Kawamura laboratory in Tokyo University of Science, CAST in Tokyo University, and others in association with Toshiba employees.

Photo:Kawasaki Saiwai Boys and Girls Inventors' Club

Kawasaki Saiwai Boys and Girls Inventors' Club

This club conducts activities to cultivate the seeds of inventions instrumental for life and allows children to use their senses to experience the foundations of the principles and structures of science through Toshiba technologies and products.
The Kawasaki Saiwai Boys and Girls Inventors' Club is a continuation of the Komukai Toshiba Boys and Girls Inventors' Club that started in June 2004. Activities are supported and headed by the Toshiba Corporate Research & Development Center, which works as the supervising department. The director of the Toshiba Science Museum acts as the vice chairperson. The lecturers are prominent teachers and employees of Toshiba and Toshiba Group companies. It encourages unfettered thinking and the appeal of ingenuity though handicrafts and activities in accordance with the topic ascribed each time.

Photo:Science Club

Science Club

There are many fun things, such as storytelling and handicrafts that even preschool children can do. We are cultivating scientific minds through play.

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Special Exhibitions

Photo:Special exhibitions

The Group holds special exhibitions and events several times throughout the year. The exhibitions dig deep into themes that Toshiba is focusing on for the near future, as well as the themes particular to an industrial museum, such as our products, technology, and history. These allow the visitors to deepen their knowledge of science and industrial technology further than the permanent exhibits. Special events geared towards families are held during summer vacation and other long holidays.

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