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Toshiba Group Simultaneous Social Contribution Action 2015

Toshiba Group holds "Simultaneous Social Contribution Action" since FY2014, with the belief of bringing about positive changes in society through the collective efforts of each and every employee of the Toshiba Group, on or around December 5 which is International Volunteer Day by United Nations.


Supporting Early Childhood Development in Tanzania

Bringing about positive changes in society through the collective efforts of each and every employee of domestic Toshiba Group

In a joint activity in Japan, 10,000,000 yen, including the matching system by the companies, was collected and donated to the domestic Save the Children Japan. Proceeds will be donated to building and operating ten community childcare facilities in Shinyanga area of Tanzania.

Background to and outline of the project

Tanzania is one of the 48 Least Developed Countries in the world. Although increasing numbers of children attend elementary school, only 33% of children attend preschool, we call community childcare facilities. There are various social issues underlying this figure, such as poverty and poor awareness about education for young girls. Shinyanga area, the target of the project, is an impoverished area in inland Tanzania. The project's goal is to build in Shinyanga 10 community child care facilities (with a total capacity of 1,000 children) for 3-6 year olds. By working to develop these facilities, train teachers, monitor operations, and promote awareness among the local adults concerning preschool education, the project aims to support children's development and growth, and thus also to promote employment among mothers.

photo:Supporting Early Childhood Development in Tanzania

Holding presentation meeting of the project

After work time on December 4, we held a presentation meeting on the project at the Smart Community Center in Kawasaki. The project manager at Save the Children Japan spoke to the 69 people attending the presentation about the situation in Shinyanga, the project's approach for solving the issues, how the donation was used, and to what effect. In addition, staff from Toshiba Africa (Pty) Ltd, who went to survey the area in August, shared the footage that she filmed there along with impressions. We were also joined by representatives from the Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania in Japan, who expressed their heartfelt gratitude. We succeeded in further strengthening the friendly ties between Japan and Tanzania.

photo:Holding presentation meeting of the project

Volunteering to support recovery from disaster in Tohoku

Fukushima Organic Cotton Project has started in spring 2012, which is intended to create jobs and invigorate in this area by producing products from the harvested organic cotton, which is raised to be resistant to brine damage.

After December 2014, Toshiba conducted volunteer tour 3 times, and 133 employees and family members supported rehabilitation of the local residents by harvesting organic cotton with learning how the Great East Japan Earthquake exerted influence.

photo:Volunteering to support recovery from disaster in Tohoku

Activities in our offices around the world

This is a menu of activities reported by the world map.If you click on the regional companies of activities will be displayed in a pop-up.

Japan North America and South America Europe, Middle East, and Africa China Asia and Oceania



Joint event with 14 companies occupying the Hamamatsucho Building
<Toshiba headquarters in Hamamatsucho>

We held an event in cooperation with 14 other companies that have offices in the Hamamatsucho Building, where our head office is located. We jointly invited NPOs and other organizations that engage in social contribution activities worldwide, and held events including a sale of products such as fair trade items, a workshop to create cards for learning Bengali numbers for children in Bangladesh.

photo:Joint event with 14 companies occupying the Hamamatsucho Building

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Exhibition of Goods from Tohoku
<Toshiba Tec Corporation, Toshiba Tec group>

We sponsored an exhibition of goods from Tohoku to support the recovery in areas that were terribly damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake. This year, the exhibition was held in two locations, Oval Court Osaki and Gate City Osaki. Thanks in part to our increased efforts to publicize the event, we managed to surpass last year's sales figures.

photo:Exhibition of Goods from Tohoku

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Conducted Planting 1.5 Million Trees project
<Toshiba Kansai Branch Office>

Toshiba Group companies in the Kansai area work together to plant trees in the forest at Higashibetsuin in Kameoka City in Kyoto. This year 82 employees and family planted sawtooth oaks by the instruction of local forest producers.

photo:Conducted Planting 1.5 Million Trees project

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Cleanup activity around the factory
<Toshiba Himeji Operations - Semiconductor>

In the noon time of December 4th, cleanup activity has been made by both labor and management, and about 386 people participated.

photo:Cleanup activity around the factory

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North America and South America(1/1)

Coat Drive with One Warm Coat
<Toshiba Group Companies in the U.S.>

Toshiba Group in the U.S. is running a Coat Drive with One Warm Coat and close to 101 locations and over 3,000 coats are donated under one theme; Keep People in Need Warm and Filled with Joy in Holiday Season.

photo:Coat Drive with One Warm Coat

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Europe, Middle East, and Africa(1/2)

Food hampers for elderly people and children under privileged area in Johannesburg
<Toshiba Africa>

Our employees collected and donated food and money to Kuyasa Soup Kitchen, which runs a free meal center for the impoverished people in Johannesburg. We also sent drinks, cakes and gifts to participants at a Christmas event held on December 16.

photo:Food hampers for elderly people and children under privileged area in Johannesburg

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Europe, Middle East, and Africa(2/2)

Donation/money collection for "Save the Children"
<Toshiba Electronics Europe>

A donation to Save the Children has been made inside the company, and about 280 people participated in this activity.

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Joint Efforts by Toshiba Group Companies in China
-Leave None of Your Meal Uneaten
<Toshiba Group Companies in China>

Approximately 15,000,000 people every year in the world starve to death while there are people who thoughtlessly waste food.
Employees were urged to reduce waste and to develop frugal eating habits by taking only an appropriate amount and leaving nothing uneaten at lunch time. On the day of the event people considered what to eat and how much to eat, then ate everything they took.

photo:Leave None of Your Meal Uneaten

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Asia and Oceania(1/2)

Children from Sunbeam Place Invited to Offices
<Toshiba Group Companies in Singapore>

In addition to inviting children from the children's home to visit the company, we also donated computers and coupons for books to improve their study environments.

photo:Children from Sunbeam Place Invited to Offices

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Asia and Oceania(2/2)

Cleanliness Drive in New Delhi
<Toshiba Group companies in India>

In line with the government's Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India mission), about 60 employees cleaned the park in the Mayur Vihar area by collaborating 8 group companies near the New Delhi city.
Besides tree planting has been made hoping the park would be a clean and green oasis in the area.

photo:Cleanliness Drive in New Delhi

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