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Toshiba Group Simultaneous Social Contribution Action 2016

Toshiba Group holds "Simultaneous Social Contribution Action" in December every year since FY2014, with the belief of bringing about positive changes in society through the collective efforts of every Toshiba Group employee. In 2016, 48,524 employees joined 322 activities in Japan, and 14,049 employees participated in 69 activities in 17 other countries.


Topics:Food drive

Change "Mottainai" to "Thank you"

"Food drive" is the activity which gathers food surplus at homes and donate to a welfare organizations.
In Japan, while the food discarded from homes weighs 2 million-3 million tons every year, 1per 6 people are forced to a life below a relative poverty line, and many of those suffer from everyday meal. On the other hand,one child per six children cannot eat a meal enough because of poverty. Food drive solves the imbalance of food and serves as a chance to change "Mottainai" to "Thank you."

Change "Mottainai" to "Thank you"

The briefing session by Food Bank Kawasaki.

Though Food drive is known well in Europe and America, it is not well known in Japan. Ms. Mio Takahashi, the Representative of Food Bank Kawasaki, explained the effect of Food drive, etc. at the briefing session before starting the activity. Besides 30 employees, Tohiba baseball and rugby team players also participated to the session.

The briefing session by Food Bank Kawasaki.

Food drive at a concert of Beethoven's Symphony No.9

The concert by the Toshiba Philharmonic Orchestra and the Toshiba Philharmonic Chorus was held in Muza Kawasaki on December 11. We appealed to the audience to join Food drive and more than 230 kg of food which gathered there was donated to Food Bank Kawasaki.

Food drive at a concert of Beethoven's Symphony No.9

Food drive in Japan

Toshiba With, a Toshiba subsidiary, provided about 100 kg of food collected from Group employees to Food Bank Kawasaki. And many Toshiba executives, including President Mr.Tsunakawa, cooperated to the activity.

Toshiba Fuchu Complex donated about 2500 kg of disaster prevention stockpile foods such as precooked rice, daily dishes, canned breads, and some bottles of water to Food Bank Kawasaki because their expiry date drew near. Overseas subsidiaries, for example in U.S. and in Africa, also carried out the Food drive.

Food drive in Japan

Biotope at Home

Biotope at Home

"Biotope at Home," a biodiversity initiative in which anyone can easily participate, was carried out under the supervision of Tsurumi River Basin Networking.

"Biotope" is the region of a habitat associated with a particular ecological community. Biotope at Home is an attempt to build an ecological network of butterflies, connecting a community's forests, rivers, parks and homes by growing parsley, which swallowtails like to eat, in the garden or veranda of an employee's home to create a new birthing and breeding space for the species. A total of 151 employees residing in Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture participated in this activity, and in early November of 2016, 400 pesticide-free parsley seedlings were delivered to the participants, along with a guidebook.

From November to the spring of the following year, the employees grew the parsley in preparation to greet the swallowtails with fully grown plants. But this year, there seems to be a delay in the swallowtail season, with no reported sightings even in April. The weather is thought to be a contributing factor. Going into May, the situation remained unchanged. When the end of May approached and everyone started to feel uneasy, one of the participants in Fuchu reported that they had witnessed the long-awaited swallowtails. Later, people saw eggs and larvae with participants in Fuchu, Yokohama and Kamakura sent news that swallowtails were emerging from their chrysalises. Since the butterflies continue to lay eggs until around October, it is expected that many more swallowtails will hatch in the future, increasing their population, and that this activity will create a greater awareness for the environment.

A swallowtail emerging from its chrysalis in Yokohama (Photo taken June 2016)
A swallowtail emerging from its chrysalis in Yokohama (Photo taken June 2016)

Activities in our offices around the world

This is a menu of activities reported by the world map.If you click on the regional companies of activities will be displayed in a pop-up.

Japan North America and South America Europe, Middle East, and Africa China Asia and Oceania



Minamisoma solar agriculture park flower planting volunteer
<Toshiba Corporation>

A group of 25 employees traveled to the Minamisoma Solar Agri Park in Fukushima for hands-on tree-planting and cleaning-up.

photo:Minamisoma solar agriculture park flower planting volunteer

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Biotope at home
<Toshiba Corporation>

This program aims to build a ecosystem network by connecting woods, rivers, parks and each home gardens to expand the habitat region of swallowtail butterfly and contribute to increase in its numbers. Supporters of the program will cultivate parseley seedlings at their home gardens and allow larvae of swallowtail butterflies to grow until they mature. We have distributed 400 seedlings to 151 volunteereed Group employees.

photo:Biotope at home

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Charity movie showing
<Toshiba Sign Language Club>

Toshiba Sign Language Club held a viewing of the movie "Start Line" made by Ms. Ayako Imamura, a hearing impaired movie director. At the viewing she talked about the difficutties and importance of communication. The total fund-raising amount of ¥30,000 from the visitors were donated to a federation for the hearing impaired.

photo:Charity movie showing

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Joint event with the companies which move in the Hamamatsucho building
<Toshiba Corporation>

We participated in the social contribution activities held by the owner of Hamamatsucho Building cooperating with other companies in the building. Activities included charity sales events, fair trade menu offered in the cafeteria and a workshop to make education material to teach the Bengal numbers.

photo:Joint event with the companies which move in the Hamamatsucho building

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North America and South America(1/4)

Food drive
<Toshiba America>

Toshiba America Inc. organized the Food drive as part of Toshiba Group Social Contributions, donated ~100 pounds (~45kg) food and $30 for City Harvest to help support 1.4 million New Yorker facing the hunger.

photo:Food drive

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North America and South America(2/4)

Employee donations to support local homeless shelters
<Toshiba America Electronic Components>

Homeless shelters provide shelter, food, counseling and assistance to thousands of homeless adults and children each day. Toshiba America Electronic Components (TAEC)'s Irvine HQ office and 3 San Jose Offices came together and collected much needed items for the shelter, toiletries, socks, jackets, blankets, bedding, cleaning supplies and gift cards. As many employees travel, we encouraged them to collect the mini shampoos/conditioners/lotions. TAEC-Irvine collected 27 Gal containers of toiletries, clothes, supplies and over dozen blankets/bedding supplies. Irvine delivered to Friendship Shelter/San Jose delivered to Life Moves Shelter.

photo:Employee donations to support local homeless shelters

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North America and South America(3/4)

Food, supplies and toy drive
<Toshiba America Energy Systems>

Toshiba America Energy Systems Corporation (TAES) has completed its Global Day of Action activities –held a food and supplies drive throughout the month of November, and brought the donations in to two different organizations, and TAES Houston office carried out a toy drive.

photo:Food, supplies and toy drive

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North America and South America(4/4)

Toys for Tots
<Westinghouse Electric Company>

Westinghouse Electric Company has ran the Toys for Tots toy drive across 11 sites including its HQ in Pittsburg in the U.S. raised over $14,916, purchased toys and 220 bicycles. In addition, employees collected boxes full of toys.

photo:Toys for Tots

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Europe, Middle East, and Africa(1/3)

Support business people in Ethiopia
<Toshiba Europe GmbH>

The office people in Ethiopia are working with an out of date IT infrastructure and urgently need better and reliable IT equipment to keep their work for the needy people on an effective level. Toshiba Europe donated needless office equipment; 10 PCs from employees who has left the company.

photo:Support business people in Ethiopia

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Europe, Middle East, and Africa(2/3)

Food donation to the children in an institution
<Toshiba Africa (Pty) Ltd.>

In South Africa, all employees of Toshiba Africa (Pty) Ltd. made donation of food hampers to poor and needy children, aged from six to 10, at the Siyakhula Day care, a nonprofit organization center in Johannesburg.

photo:Food donation to the children in an institution

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Europe, Middle East, and Africa(3/3)

Charity donation to children in a hospice
<Toshiba Research Europe Ltd.>

For the children, who are in the hospice in Milton, employees saved eating sweet things in the office and donated £500, about ¥73,000.

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Donation of old clothes and secondhand books
<Toshiba Group Companies in China>

We donated old clothes and secondhand books through a NGO to some elementary schools for poor children.

photo:Donation of old clothes and secondhand books

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Asia and Oceania(1/5)

Old clothes donation
<Taiwan Toshiba International Procurement Corp.>

We collected old clothes and donated to the people.

photo:Old clothes donation

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Asia and Oceania(2/5)

Donation to Pharadabos Foundation
<TPSC (Thailand) Co., Ltd.>

We donated for the Phradabos foundation which is putting power into strengthening support of education including construction of local educational related facilities.

photo:Donation to Pharadabos Foundation

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Asia and Oceania(3/5)

Educational Equipment Donation
<Toshiba Asia Pacific (Thailand) Co., Ltd.>

We donated educational associated equipments for the schools with poor IT environment in rural areas.

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Asia and Oceania(4/5)

Money donation to Dong Nai Children Hospital
<Toshiba Industrial Products Asia Co., Ltd.>

Money which was donated by Toshiba Industrial Products Asia shall be used to provide free meals for the patients and their families and support treatment fee for the patients in the Children Hospital.

photo:Money donation to Dong Nai Children Hospital

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Asia and Oceania(5/5)

Tree-decorating activity support in the Singapore Botanic Gardens
<Toshiba Group Companies in Singapore>

This festive season, the Singapore Botanic Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage site, will be lined with colorfully decorated trees. Toshiba Group companies in Singapore came together to invite children from a voluntary welfare organization, managed by the Singapore's Children Society, to decorate 10 trees for a light-up event organized by National Parks Board.

photo:Tree-decorating activity support in the Singapore Botanic Gardens

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