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Considerations in the Preparation of Website

Toshiba CSR website adheres to the Toshiba Web Accessibility Guidelines and has been created taking into consideration a great number of users with different backgrounds, purpose and conditions of use in order to ensure the smooth availability of information.

Text Size

image of Text Size Changer

Depending upon the internet access environments of various users, the text size can be freely changed. The link [Text Size] on the top right directs you to a page which provides guidance on how to change the text size for major browsers.

Text Size

Usage of Color

Considerations in color usage have been made to facilitate easy visibility for many people as possible regardless of differences in color vision. In addition to color usage, for important information, expressions which are easily readable and distinguishable have been used.

Voice Browser

image of Sound Browser

Considerations have been taken to ensure the accurate and smooth extraction of information while using voice browsers. This ensures automatic reading aloud of the important information such as main contents on a priority basis as well as that of important information for images and flash contents.


image of [Printer-friendly]

Printer-friendly page has been provided. If the [Printer-friendly] link on the top right is clicked, then only the main content page, eliminating the navigation links, will appear.

Example of [Printer-friendly] page

Web Standards

The website has been created adhering to the standards established by international standards organization World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). As a result, any browser based on the web standards can be used, facilitating easy extraction of information from the website.

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