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Evaluations [FY2012]


Evaluation of products and technologies

9th Eco-Products Awards Eco Product Category, Eco Products Grand Prize Promotion Council's Special Award (Excellence Award) X-ray diagnostic CT systems using adaptive iterative dose-reduction 3D (AIDR 3D) technology (Alexion™ TSX-032A and 9 other models) Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation
Eco Product Category, Eco Products Grand Prize Promotion Council's Special Award (Excellence Award for Energy-saving Service) Smart DC Office, a system for building direct-current distribution networks in buildings with photovoltaic power generation systems and storage batteries Toshiba Corp. (shared by Taisei Corp.)
Eco Service Category, President of the Eco Products Grand Prize Promotion Council's Award (Excellence Award) Next generation ECHONET Lite-certified cloud home energy management system (HEMS) Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corp
2012 Grand Prize for Excellence in Energy Efficiency and Conservation Product and Business Model Category, Chairman's Prize, Eco-Efficiency Category, the Energy Conservation Center Japan Drum-type washer dryer
ZABOON TW-Z9500, TW-Z8500, and TW-Q900
Toshiba Home Appliances Corporation
“Cho” Monozukuri Innovative Parts and Components Award 2012 eco-chips Toshiba Corp. Corporate Research & Development Center
9th LCA Society of Japan Awards Honorable Award Carrying out of water footprint initiatives at Toshiba Group Toshiba Corp.
Honorable Award Promotion of environmental management in the medical equipment field utilizing LCA Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation
FY2012 Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's Award for Science and Technology Science and Technology Award (Development Category Development of a variable-cylinder twin rotary compressor for home air conditioning systems Toshiba Carrier Corporation
Ken Tominaga, Shogo Shida, Koji Hirano, and Shoichiro Kitaichi
FY2012 Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Award (Technology) Development of a high-efficiency, variable-cylinder rotary compressor Toshiba Carrier Corporation
Takuya Hirayama, Isao Kawabe, Koji Hirano, and Hitoshi Konemura
2011 Excellent Paper Award from the Japan Environmental Management Association for the “Environmental Management” industry bulletin “Making the effects of business activities on ecosystems visible—Toshiba Group initiatives” Yoshinori Kobayashi, Corporate Environmental Management Division
Japan Society of Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers' Technology Award Environmentally conscious product, heat source system “Universal Smart X” Toshiba Carrier Corp.

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Evaluation of business activities

Awarding of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Promotion Manager Minister Prize of Economic, Trade and Industry 3R activity entirely participated by employees and communication with neighboring residents. Toshiba Corp. Semiconductor & Storage Products Company
Oita Operations
Chairman's Award Manufacture of resource-recycling NAND flash drives Toshiba Corp., Yokkaichi Operations
Chairman's Award Improvement of the recycling rate to achieve zero emissions Toshiba Corp. Ome Complex
Awarding of Excellent Energy Conservation Factory & Building recognized by Director-General, Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Promotion of energy conservation Toshiba Corp., Yokkaichi Operations
Awarding of Excellent Energy Conservation Promotion Manager recognized by Director-General, Kyushu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Planning and implementing energy-saving measures and promoting energy-saving-technologies across departments by communicating inside and outside the factory Toshiba Corp. Semiconductor & Storage Products Company
Hiroyuki Shimokawa
Awarding of Excellent Energy Conservation Promotion Manager recognized by Director-General of Energy Conservation Center, Japan Tokai Branch Promotion of energy conservation Two employees from Yokkaichi Operations, Toshiba Corp
Haruyuki Ando and Toshiya Hattori
Encouragement Award (Contribution to Energy Conservation), Kawasaki City's First Smart Lifestyle Grand Prize Contribution to mitigation of climate change by reducing power consumption at a production site Komukai Complex, Toshiba Corp.
Chairman's Award of Iwate Prefecture Environment Preservation Liaison Council Excellent Factory Award for Environment Preservation Iwate Toshiba Electronics Co., Ltd.
FY2012 Fukushima Protocol Award (Office Category) Contribution to mitigation of climate change by reducing in CO2 emissions at business sites Toshiba Alpine Automotive Technology Corp
Top Award in the FY2012 Ome City's Green Curtain Contest in the category for organizations Green curtains for building windows Toshiba Corp. Ome Complex
Silver Prize in International Category, Green Apple Award Envioronmental consideration at 5th manufacturing building Toshiba Corp., Yokkaichi Operations
The Environmental Leadership Program for Competitiveness Overall environmental activities Landis + Gyr AG, Reynosa
The Program for Sustainable Development - State of Tamaulipas, Mexico Overall environmental activities Landis + Gyr AG, Reynosa
Mayor's Proud Partner Award, Houston, Texas Overall environmental activities Toshiba International Corp
Don Emilio Abello Outstanding Energy Efficiency Award Energy efficiency as a whole - it included technology and systems Toshiba Information Equipment (Philippines), Inc
Acquisition of Kunshan City's corporate environmental green level chosen as one of Kunshan City's top ten foreign companies investing in green development Environmental conservation activities Harison Toshiba Lighting (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.
Corporate Social Responsibility Award 2012 CSR activities and their results from 2010 to 2012 Toshiba Vietnam Home Appliances Co., Ltd.
2012 Asia’s Best Employer Brand Awards Best management practices that contributed to the environment Toshiba Thailand Co., Ltd.
White Ocean Strategy Award 2012 Award for the continuous contribution to Environment and Community Toshiba Thailand Co., Ltd.
Green Pavilion Award Attitude toward environmental stewardship and eco-products Toshiba Thailand Co., Ltd.
Chosen as one of the companies practicing advanced management of hazardous waste in the Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone in FY2012 Environmental protection activities to manage hazardous waste Toshiba Information Equipment (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.
The Green Enterprise Certificate awarded by the Zhejiang Provincial Government Environmental protection activities as a company continually striving for cleaner production processes Toshiba Information Equipment (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.
The green business award Production and business activities related to environmental protection and waste disposal Toshiba Vietnam Home Appliances Co., Ltd.
Chosen by Dalian City as a company practicing advanced disposal of solid waste Overall management of solid waste Toshiba Dalian Co., Ltd. (China)
2012 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence sponsored by the Hong Kong Productivity Council Gold award in the “Export and Import Trades” sector Continuous environmental and CSR education for suppliers, carried out mainly through periodic and on-site surveys Toshiba International Procurement Hong Kong Ltd.

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Evaluation of communication programs

National Federation of Industrial Waste Management Associations' “CSR2 Project”
National Youth Division Council President's award in the category of compliance
ISO26000 (social responsibility standards) Publication of social and environmental reports in line with the seven core subjects Term Corp.
FY2011 Best Report Award, Dalian City Sustainable Development Report (Environmental Report) Publication of information on environmental conservation activities and their results Toshiba Dalian Co., Ltd. (China)
Chosen by Dalian City as an advanced environmental communication and education organization during FY2011-2012 Environmental communication and education Toshiba Dalian Co., Ltd. (China)
Chosen by Dalian City as an advanced environmental protection volunteer organization in FY2012 Environmental protection volunteer activities Toshiba Dalian Co., Ltd. (China)
41st Fuji Sankei Group Advertising Award “With 10 Years of Life” advertisement for LED light bulbs Toshiba Corp.
Nikkei BP Ad Award
91st New York Art Directors Club (ADC) Award
60th Asahi Advertising Award
65th Dentsu Advertising Award
Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity 2012
32nd Newspaper Advertising Prize
52nd Contest for Advertisements Beneficial to Consumers
16th Environmental Communication Awards
47th Japan Industrial Advertising Award Advertisement of LED lighting for the Louvre Museum Toshiba Corp.
61st Nikkei Advertising Award
16th Environmental Communication Awards Environmental Report Award (Minister of the Environment's Award) Toshiba Group Environmental Report 2012 Toshiba Corp.
Environmental TV Commercial Category (Top Prize) Advertisement of LED lighting for the Louvre Museum Toshiba Corp.
2012 GOOD DESIGN AWARD Good Design Award Employees' Photo Sharing Web Site `TOSHIBA BATON` Toshiba Corp.

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Evaluation by the mass media and SRI

16th Nikkei Environmental Management Level Survey First place (manufacturing) Toshiba Corp.
CDLI (Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index) Chosen as one of 23 companies that excels in CDLI from among the Japan 500 companies Toshiba Corp.

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