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Business (Manufacturing): Pursuing high-efficiency manufacturing that simultaneously reduces environmental impacts and costs.

Basic strategies

Toshiba Group is pursuing high-efficiency manufacturing that minimizes resource inputs in production processes in Japan and abroad, eliminates unnecessary tasks in manufacturing processes, and reduces to minimum emissions into the atmosphere and waters, thus simultaneously reducing environmental impacts and costs.

We aim to contribute to resolving climate change and other environmental issues by promoting the following two initiatives: "improvement of plant efficiency," which refers to efforts to grasp energy consumption appropriately in order to ensure effective improvement of equipment operation and introduce high-efficiency equipment, and "process innovation," which aims to achieve sustainable manufacturing in collaboration with all involved divisions.

In terms of mitigation of climate change, Toshiba Group is actively taking energy-saving measures on a company-wide scale to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, including CO2 and perfluorocarbons (PFCs). In terms of efficient use of resources, we will continue our efforts to reduce the total volume of waste generated through 3R activities as well as strive to use water resources efficiently by reusing and recycling. As for management of chemicals, we make efforts to reduce environmental impacts mainly through the introduction of alternative substances and process improvements.

High-efficiency manufacturing
[Image] High-efficiency manufacturing

Environmental impacts of business operations
[Image] Environmental impacts of business operations

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