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Management: We aim to become an excellent company that lives up to the public’s expectations by strengthening our environmental management.

Basic policy

In an effort to support Business activities for manufacturing and products / services, Toshiba Group is also promoting Management initiatives to enhance the basis for environmental management. In Management, we place the highest priority on ensuring compliance to raise the level of our environmental activities by maintaining a check system based on our original environmental audits as well as through environmental education for employees and human resource development programs. In addition, we also proactively promote communication with stakeholders and biodiversity conservation.

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Results of FY2016 and future initiatives

In FY2016, Toshiba Group conducted approximately 300 environmental audits to ensure the progress of the Fifth Environmental Action Plan while striving to enhance compliance through case studies on regulation violations. Also, as part of our education and human resource development programs for employees, we have developed a cumulative total of 1,710 eco-style leaders and held the third Toshiba Environmental School session. To promote environmental communication, we conducted a variety of environmental action programs at business and production sites worldwide. In addition, we also held the 25th annual Toshiba Group Environmental Exhibition in Japan. To conserve biodiversity, we measured the effects of our activities using selected metrics at all 62 targeted production sites.

Under the Sixth Environmental Action Plan that has started in FY2017, we promote activities to achieve three goals: ensuring environmental risk compliance, promoting environmental communication, and conserving biodiversity. To achieve the first goal of ensuring environmental risk compliance, we focus mainly on enhancing compliance with global environmental regulations and improving programs for environmental human resources development at overseas production sites. To achieve the second goal of promoting environmental communication, we appropriately disclose information in reports and on websites. Meanwhile, we promote development of networks with stakeholders through educational programs for elementary schoolchildren, Toshiba Group Environmental Exhibition, and Global Environmental Actions at business and production sites worldwide. To achieve the third goal of conserving biodiversity, we set 10 of the 20 Aichi Targets as goals for Toshiba Group and implement relevant measures at our sites around the world.

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