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Risks and Compliance

Compliance with environmental laws and regulations

Toshiba Group sets self-regulation standards stricter than legal standards regarding atmospheric emissions and discharges into the hydrosphere so as to ensure that all its business and production sites comply with environmental rules.

We conduct in-house environmental audits in order to identify potential environmental risks and to prevent environmental accidents. We also develop company-wide initiatives by sharing information, such as the results of internal audits on individual business and production sites, new regulation policies, and examples of accidents in other companies from among group companies.

Unfortunately, there was one violation of a law in FY2015, but we responded swiftly and appropriately to the problem. Using the lesson learned from this problem, we will strive to prevent the recurrence of similar problems and make further efforts to ensure compliance with relevant laws and ordinances in the future.

Toshiba Digital Frontiers Corporation (July 2015)

Failed to submit reports on the issuance of Industrial Waste Manifests to the relevant authorities.

Measures were implemented to identify the cause and to prevent recurrence.

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Responses to environmental risks

The Risk Compliance Committee examines how to cope with diversified risks under the direct supervision of the President and also takes measures to prevent environmental risks.

If any environmental risk should materialize, the Corporate Environment Management Division and the environmental promotion managers and other concerned parties of in-house companies, key group companies, and business and production sites work in collaboration under the direction of the Corporate Environmental Officer to implement appropriate measures, including sharing information, checking relevant business and production sites, and preventing recurrence.

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