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Ensuring Environmental Risk Compliance

Compliance with environmental laws and regulations

At Toshiba Group, we ensure compliance with environment related regulations and requirements for products and services by managing processes from the design stage through to delivery to customers along with the cooperation of suppliers. We also set self-regulation standards that are even stricter than legal standards regarding atmospheric emissions and discharges into the hydrosphere in the process of manufacturing, and all its production sites comply with the standards.

While identifying potential risks in business activities during in-house environmental audits to prevent any environmental accidents or violation of laws and regulations, we also develop comprehensive initiatives by sharing information, such as results of internal audits of individual sites and divisions, the latest legal trends, and past examples of accidents in our group companies through company-wide environmental education and environmental auditor certification training as well as Corporate Environmental Management Committee meetings, etc.

Under the Sixth Environmental Action Plan, we promote specific measures to prevent risks from the aspect of both products/services and manufacturing to achieve the goal of ensuring environmental risk compliance as the top priority in the "Management" category. As a result of these efforts, the number of legal violations in FY2017 turned out to be zero.

In the area of products and services, in order to enhance compliance with global environmental laws and regulations, we share regulation trends and response policies by collecting and assessing the impacts of legal information around the world in a timely manner while newly establishing and running meeting bodies for distributing such information across Toshiba Group. We have also built up a mechanism to identify issues in each business in such meeting bodies and reflect them in subsequent information collection and impact assessment activities, and we have put it into operation. In the future, while continuing such activities, we will develop human resources who will be responsible for legal compliance through discussions to be made as part of the activities. In the area of manufacturing, in order to develop environmental human resources at production sites, we promoted site management and creation of materials for legal compliance and also prepared study sessions intended for persons responsible for the environment in China where we have many production sites. In the future, we will hold study sessions and have discussions to improve environmental awareness and skills of local personnel and in this way ensure environmental risk compliance at production sites.

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Responses to environmental risks

The Risk Compliance Committee examines how to cope with diversified risks under the direct supervision of the Chairman and President and also takes measures to prevent environmental risks.

If any environmental risk should materialize, Corporate Environment Management Office works in collaboration with environmental promotion managers and related persons of key group companies and the sites under the direction of the Corporate Environmental Officer to implement appropriate measures, including sharing information, checking relevant business and production sites, and preventing recurrence.

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