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Environmental Education and Human Resources Development

Training of eco-style leaders

Toshiba Group is promoting the training of Toshiba eco-style leaders as part of its programs for environmental education and human resource development. The objective is to certify employees having keen environmental awareness in all divisions as Toshiba eco-style leaders and raise employees' overall environmental awareness through participation in internal environmental programs and events. To become certified, employees are required to obtain an internal or external environmental license (e.g., passing of the Eco Test sponsored by the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry or becoming a Toshiba environmental auditor or nature observation instructor). In FY2015, Toshiba Group certified 1,340 employees as eco-style leaders, falling short of the initial goal. Nevertheless, these efforts will enhance site activities going forward.

Comment from an eco-style leader

[Image] Nami Sukegawa

Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation
Environmental Protection & Recycling Planning Group
Occupational Safety & Environmental Protection Center
Nami Sukegawa

As an Environmental Officer of Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation, I draft plans for various programs. At the same time, I also actively promote initiatives to raise environmental awareness within our company, such as distributing an environmental newsletter to employees and their families. Last year, I spread the practice of donating old clothes, which I had been doing on my own, throughout the workplace. As an eco-style leader, I would like to continue activities to raise environmental awareness at our company.

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Environmental education/Human resource development

In order to raise the level of environmental activities, we provide environmental education programs for all employees. These education programs are composed of (1) general education courses, (2) ISO 14001 education courses, and (3) specialized education courses, offering curriculums designed to meet the needs of different posts, occupational roles, and specialties. All curricula for these courses are reviewed annually in order to help employees share the latest information.

Environmental education system
General education ISO 14001 education Specialized education
e-learning(for all group company members) / Education for new employees / Education for managers Training courses for internal auditors / Education for special employees / General education Education for the certification of in-house environmental auditors (Site auditors/Technology auditors) / Introductory course for environmentally conscious design / Toshiba Environmental School

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Environmental e-learning

We provide an environmental e-learning program as a general education course once a year to all employees in Japan and overseas. This program helps employees deepen their understanding of global environmental issues and Toshiba Group's environmental initiatives.

[Image] E-learning textbooks for FY2015
E-learning textbooks for FY2015

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Training for auditors (site audit)

We provide training for auditors for our in-house environmental audits, which were put into practice in 1993. In the training program for site auditors, candidates are screened through group education, on-site training, and a written examination. After the screening, candidates participate in actual audits as assistants and submit reports in order to be certified as auditors. Technology auditors are certified through group education and a written examination. In FY2015, 16 employees were certified as site auditors, 12 as technology auditors, and 16 as overseas local auditors. The current number of certified auditors is 360.

[Image] Training for auditors (site audit)

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