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Environmental Communication

25th Toshiba Group Environmental Exhibition

[Image] Toshiba Group A Day of Grobal Environmental Action

On June 9 and 10, 2016, the 25th Toshiba Group Environmental Exhibition was held at Kawasaki City's Smart Community Center (Lazona Kawasaki Toshiba Building). Approximately 4,000 guests visited during the two days. At this year's Environmental Exhibition, we presented 45 examples of environmentally conscious products and services as well as manufacturing technologies that reduce environmental impacts in the areas of energy, social infrastructure, and storage, which are the major pillars of Toshiba Group's growth strategy. Also, since this year marked the 25th anniversary of the Environmental Exhibition, we displayed panels that showed Toshiba Group's environmental management and the Exhibition's history. We also created an area where visitors could send messages to Toshiba Group. In addition, we held a BEMS tour to introduce our building solutions as well as a briefing session for the press.

[Image] 25th Toshiba Group Environmental Exhibition

We displayed Toshiba Group's environmental management policies along with environmentally conscious products, services, and manufacturing processes in the respective sections.

[Image] Overall Policy/Strategy Section

Overall Policy/Strategy Section

We presented Toshiba Group's Environmental Vision 2050, results of the Fifth Environmental Action Plan, and T-COMPASS initiatives. In the area for biodiversity conservation activities, we also displayed Japanese eight-barbel loaches and other species protected on our factory premises.

[Image] Energy Section

Energy Section

We displayed a zero-emissions thermal power generation system with the world's highest level of efficiency that captures 100% of CO2 generated by incineration, a geothermal power generation system with the largest market share globally, and a hydrogen-based autonomous energy supply system.

[Image] Social Infrastructure Section

Social Infrastructure Section

In addition to a storage battery solution using SCiB™ rechargeable batteries, we also displayed a railroad system designed to systematically reduce energy use from multiple perspectives and a machine-roomless elevator that reduces power consumption by as much as 50% (in-house comparison).

[Image] Storage Section

Storage Section

We displayed three-dimensional flash memories that enable large-capacity storage alongside energy conservation activities, including programs to visualize energy efficiency and analyze data at Yokkaichi Operations, where three-dimensional flash memories are mass-produced. We also displayed power semiconductors, which are used in railroad and power systems.

[Image] Environmental Management Section

Environmental Management Section

In addition to environmental communication activities that are conducted worldwide to raise employees' environmental awareness and to foster a sense of togetherness, we also introduced our environmental education and human resource development programs aimed at training environmental personnel.

[Image] Section on Other Activities

Section on Other Activities

In addition to an LCD TV that won the FY2015 Energy Conservation Grand Prize (Special Jury Prize), we also displayed a special panel commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Toshiba Group Environmental Exhibition and asked customers to send messages to Toshiba Group.

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Employee-supported environmental action programs carried out worldwide

Toshiba Group promotes environmental activities in collaboration with local communities in order to raise employees' environmental awareness and to foster a sense of togetherness. In FY2015 and FY2016, we carried out diverse activities in countries around the world with employees' support, including e-waste recycling events, energy conservation competitions, protection of rare species, and nature observation programs.

[Image] <Connecting site activities> Local environmental action at business and production sites worldwide

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