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Green Management

Initiatives for Green Management

Green Management is an initiative aiming at continuously improving the foundation of environmental management, such as the development of personnel responsible for environmental activities, environmental management systems, and environmental communication as well as conservation of biodiversity. Toshiba Group not only gives top priority to complying with laws and regulations but also provides environmental training to all employees. Based on our unique environmental audit system, we strive to promote environmental management, develop products, and check environmental activities at our business and production sites to enhance the level of such activities. In addition, we are actively promoting initiatives for environmental communication and conservation of biodiversity.

Initiatives in FY2015

The Fifth Environmental Action Plan sets three goals for Green Management: conservation of biodiversity, environmental education and human resource development, and environmental communication. To achieve the first goal, conserving biodiversity, we chose indicators for all 62 sites and measured the effects of our biodiversity conservation activities. For environmental education and human resource development, we have registered 1,340 employees as Toshiba eco-style leaders, who play a leading role in their respective site's environmental activities. Although we fell short of our original goal, these efforts will enhance site activities going forward. For environmental communication, we implemented the Global Environmental Action program to promote environmental activities worldwide. In FY2015, Toshiba Group implemented approximately 400 environmental programs at 276 sites in 25 countries around the world.

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