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Increasing the Use of Recycled Plastics

Toshiba Group is promoting initiatives to recycle plastic waste generated by end-of-life products.

Results of FY2017

The use of recycled plastics by Toshiba Group is increasing mainly in multi-function printers and industrial air conditioners. In FY2017, the amount of recycled plastics used was 851 tons, exceeding the initial target (740 tons).

Future initiatives

To increase use of recycled plastics, we will ensure the supply of waste plastics as well as develop new uses for recycled plastics. Under the Sixth Environmental Action Plan, we aim to increase the cumulative total of recycled plastics to 3,000 tons by 2020.

Amount of recycled plastics used (cumulative total)

740 t 851 t 1,500 t 3,000 t

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Case : Expanding the use of recycled plastics in air conditioners

Toshiba Environmental Solutions Corporation and Toshiba Carrier Corporation

Toshiba Group is working in collaboration with material makers to expand the use of recycled plastics in air conditioners. In the process of dismantling end-of-life home air conditioners, Toshiba Environmental Solutions Corporation collects and crushes cross-flow fans used in air conditioner indoor units that are made of glass fiber-reinforced AS resin. After that, the crushed cross-flow fans are washed, foreign materials are removed, and then they are recycled into plastics by Toray Industries, Inc. Recycled plastics are used as materials for outdoor unit fans in home and industrial air conditioners designed by Toshiba Carrier Corporation.

[Image] Expanding the use of recycled plastics in air conditioners

Resin regenerated and manufactured by Toray Industries, Inc.
Home air conditioners designed and sold by Toshiba Home Appliance Corporation

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Case in FY2014

Case : Progress in sorting waste plastics

Nishinihon Kaden Recycle Corporation

In addition to product design initiatives, such as using recycled plastics for new product parts, Toshiba Group is also working to ensure sufficient supply of recycled plastics to expand their use. Nishinihon Kaden Recycle Corporation has developed and introduced a process for collecting high-purity, single material plastics from crushed mixed plastics. The process makes use of a near-infrared sensor to sort and separate ABS and HIPS resins. Then, brominated flame retardants are removed to ensure a supply of recycled plastics that meets the RoHS* Directive. In addition, a machine polishes the surfaces of collected plastics to further increase their purity. Recycled plastics obtained in this manner are used in home electrical appliances and other products.

[Image] Progress in sorting waste plastics

RoHS (Restriction of certain Hazardous Substances) directive: A directive which limits the use of specified hazardous substances in electrical and electronic devices

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