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Distributing Energy

Toshiba Group provides high-efficiency equipment related to power transmission/distribution systems for power plants, buildings, offices, and homes, thus contributing to the realization of a low-carbon society.

Next-generation DC transmission system that reduces power loss during long-distance power transmission

As more and more renewable energy systems are installed in different locations, including on the oceans and in the mountains, it becomes increasingly important to develop technologies for linking different systems over wide areas.

DC power transmission can reduce transmission losses caused by voltage drops due to AC line reactance or by the Ferranti effect (voltage increases) due to static electricity. In addition, this technology is also indispensable in a country like Japan, where systems that differ in frequency (50 Hz and 60 Hz) must be linked.

HVDC application
[Image] HVDC application

[Image] Converter transformer
Converter transformer

[Image] Suspension valve(externally commutated)
Suspension valve
(externally commutated)

In Japan, DC power transmission system projects are currently underway at six locations, including between Hokkaido and Honshu.

Toshiba Group is participating in all of these projects.

Overseas, we are also participating in a project for DC transmission between Italy and Montenegro as well as manufacturing major devices, including suspension valves and converter transformers, for the project. Thanks to our proprietary circuit composition technology, Toshiba Group can reduce device volumes by some 20% compared to other companies. Using this technology, we contribute to reducing installation footprints.

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Power transmission/distribution system that uses advanced technologies to ensure a stable power supply

In order to provide an economical and stable power supply, we deliver various systems, including high-voltage, large-capacity power transmission/transformation devices, medium and low-voltage power distribution devices, system protection relay devices that incorporate digital technologies, and monitoring and control equipment systems that remotely control these devices.

[Image] 550-kV gas-insulated switch system
550-kV gas-insulated switch system

[Image] Solid-insulated switchgear
Solid-insulated switchgear

[Image] Power system monitoring/control system
Power system monitoring/control system

Solid-insulated switchgear           Air-insulated switchgear

By employing advanced technologies, we reduce the volumes of power distribution systems, including gas-insulated switch (GIS) systems, transformers and other power transmission/transformation devices, air-insulated switchgears (AIS), and solid-insulated switchgears (SIS), thereby contributing to reduced installation footprints.

We have also created SF6 gas-free solid-insulated switchgears by using high-performance epoxy resin as an insulation material to contribute to mitigating climate change.

Comparison of volume and area (36-kV example)

  Solid-insulated switchgear Air-insulated switchgear
Volume 22% 100%
Area 26% 100%

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