OIS-DS, Operator Interface Station, is the human mashine interface for TOSDIC™-CIE DS/nv system.
Without meintinoning for a large scale instrumentation process, OIS-DS can use with the various scales and compositions of customer's demands. Toshiba industrial PC FA3100 series is recommended as the platform.

PROSEC T Series Migration Front view


Abundant standard screens

OIS-DS has abundant standard screens for a process tag supplied by a controller. Screen design process is unnecessary.
Typical standard screens are as follows.

Abundant standard screens
Screen Outline
Point Display Screen Point Display Screen monitors a process tag. A operator can check alarms, change control parameters and do remote operation of the tag.
Group Display Screen Group Display Screen monitors multi process tags. A operator can use the Operater's Keyboard in option, and he can do remote operation of a maximum of eight process tags simultaneously.
Trend Display Screen Trend Display Screen monitors multi trend tags. A operator can see these of a maximum of eight simultaneously.
Guidance Display Screen Trend Display Screen monitors guidance tags which are created when each events happen. Events set up various conditions as you like.
System Status Display Screen System Status Display Screen monitors stations in TOSDIC™-CIE DS/nv system.
Alarm Summary Display Screen Alarm Summary Display Screen monitors alarms in TOSDIC™-CIE DS/nv system. A operator can see these list.
History Display Screen History Display Screen monitors historical data in TOSDIC™-CIE DS/nv system. A operator can save the logs into a file.

Of course, it is also possible to create the graphic screen according to the purpose.

Visibility and operativity

OIS-DS is equipped with the following features which improve the visibility and the operativity. The part of these is supported as an option.

Visibility and operativity
Feature Outline
Operator's keyboard Simultaneous remote operation of multi process tags
Tach panel operation Intuitive operation which touches a screen
Multi monitor Display of screens in multi monitors
Multi view Display of screens up to four without piling up
Navigation Easy and quick display of a screen
Auto display Automatic display of a screen when an alarm happens


The HMI system of TOSDIC™-CIE DS/nv consists of OIS-DS and SVR-DS fundamentally. This composition has the following two types according to the scale of a control system.

independent system (*1)
common system (*2)
Clients 22 16
Controllers(Servers) 32 32
Process tags 20,000 8,000
Trend tags 5,000 2,500
  • *1 Configureation of OIS-DS53(Client) and SVR-DS63(SVR Server)
  • *2 Configureation of OIS-DS53(Client) and OIS-DS63(Client and SVR Server)

Integrated monitoring of a PLC system

OIS-DS is full-scale HMI which specialized in the process instrumentation control system. By using the Toshiba PLC server in the system, the OIS-DS can monitor PLC stations and PLC tags.
OIS-DS/SMART has a part of functions of the Toshiba PLC Server.

Integrated monitoring of a PLC system
system (*3)
Clients 8
Controllers(Servers) 32
Process tags 4,000
Trend tags 1,250
PLCs 16
  • *3 Configureation of OIS-DS53(Client) and OIS-DS/SMART(Client, SVR Server and PLC Server)

Optional software

OIS-DS has following optional softwares to support more comfortable operation.

Optional software
Optional software Outline
16-Tag Group Package The process tag displayed on the group screen of OIS-DS is extended to a maximum of 16 from 8.
Real Time Trend Package OIS-DS adds the Realtime Trend Display Screen which monitors process tags collected in short cycle.
Hardcopy Package
OIS-DS adds the color conversion function into its hardcopy function.
2CRT OIS Package OIS-DS adds the multi monitor function to display the screen in the suitable size on dual monitors.
Historical Data Auto Save Package OIS-DS adds the function which saves historical data into a file in setting cycle.
OIS Navigation Package OIS-DS adds the OIS Navigation Window function which navigates a operator and supports the comfortable plant operation to him.
Report Package OIS-DS provides operational reports in units of date. The format of the report is Microsoft® Excel® 2013
Alarm Management Package OIS-DS adds the Automatic Alarm Suppression and the Histrical Data Analysis.
When used in conjunction with the OIS Navigation Package, it provides the Alarm Suppression of OIS Window. At this time, the History Display Screen and the Alarm Summary Screen are integrated as the Alarm Manage Window, adding sorting / filtering function.
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