High Speed Rail Train Traffic Control System

High Speed Rail Train Traffic Control System

Advanced information communication technologies combined with technologies intrinsic to train traffic control

In order to meet stringent operational requirements such as bi-directional high speed rail train operation, our signaling system is designed with the aid of not only on-board speed control functions offered by digital Automatic Train Control (ATC) and Programmed Station Stop Control (PSSC), but also centralized train operation monitoring and control functions offered by the Train Traffic Control System (TCS) in the Operation Control Center (OCC).


Safe and reliable train operation is supported by advanced Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Benefits & Value

  • Transportation plans: Preparation of train operation diagrams based on operation plans
  • Resources planning: Operation management of rolling stock and train crews
  • Train operation control: Monitoring train operation status and setting the route of each train
  • Train traffic regulation: Forecasting traffic trends and resolving traffic problems
  • Delivery of train operation status information: Provision of information for station/depot staff and distribution of data to related systems

System Configuration

Configuration of Train Traffic Management Systems
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