Efficient execution of energy management for entire railway systems

Toshiba is promoting development of a railway Energy Management System (railway EMS) that reduces energy consumption by efficient and integrated management of train operation and electrical power supply. We provide a railway system which aims for environmentally friendly and low-cost transportation.

Energy Conscious Operation through PDCA Cycle


For railway energy management, we offer smart operation for transportation planning and operational control that considers the amount of energy consumed; and also does transportation analysis to maximize energy-saving. And, smart energy for designing total power supply systems that include regenerative energy, storage batteries and renewable energy. These are energy-saving solutions that integrate the total railway system with energy as the key, and can be expected to provide both the required transportation quality and reduced energy consumption .

Benefits & Value

  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Increase of regenerative energy utilization
  • Contribution to a low-carbon society

System Configuration

System Configuration
  • *1 TCMS : Train Control and Monitoring System
    ATO : Automatic Train Operation
  • *2 PMSM : Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
  • *3 APS: Auxiliary Power System
  • *4 SCiB™ is a rechargeable battery.
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