Robotics, Logistics System Solutions

Toshiba's material-handling robots and solutions provide effective, labor-saving automation of logistics.


Logistics System Solutions

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Logistics System Solutions

Toshiba delivers optimal logistics system which fits customers' environment. Toshiba robots contribute to automation of operational work flow, such as unloading and picking.

Toshiba establishes an optimum logistics system in cooperation with customers

Do you have any difficulty in automating your logistics operation?

Can robots pick heavy goods such as beverage?

I wonder if parcels with lines of perforation might be torn.

Tedious preparation is necessary for parcel scanning, isn't it?

Is it possible to handle parcels with a wide range of weight?

Do robot packing systems leave a lot of space unoccupied?

It is impossible to pick tiny parcels, isn't it?

Core technologies that support logistics

Toshiba offers unique proposals, drawing on its expertise built up through years of experience in manufacturing.

Image Recognition

Reliable recognition using various sensors

A unique analysis technique using various sensors makes it possible to recognize each parcel.

This data is used to achieve efficient loading operations and thereby improve work productivity.

Intelligent Function

Intelligence to create efficient control plans

Real data are converted into virtual models to simulate operations even under complicated conditions.

Robot Grippers

Selection of the optimum gripper for each parcel

The optimum robot gripper is selected according to the shape and weight of each object.

It is possible to pick up randomly stacked parcels.

Toshiba offers an optimum solution according to the environment of each customer.

Utilizing the above core technologies, Toshiba offers proposals of robots and other solutions to contribute to the tasks such as unloading, picking, and loading.

Unloading heavy goods easily, Picking various items and packing them carefully, Efficient loading without wasting truck space

Toshiba solutions are custom-made for every customer.

We deliver optimal automation solution which fits customers' environment through on-site evaluation to improve operational work flow.

Toshiba delivers it all!

We deliver optimal solution which fits every customers' environment.

SURVEY to find issues in current work flow

We examine and analyze the existing operation to find spots to be improved.
We simulate and analyze the expected effect of automation.

Site survey

Logistics process analysis

Operation simulation

DESIGN to provide the best fit solution for every customer

We provide the optimal equipment and layout based on the survey result and design the best fit solution for every customer, including Warehouse Management System connection and customized gripper.

Material-handling equipment design

WMS connection

Customized gripper

OPERATE and maintain stable automation environment

We provide maintenance service to keep secure operation of the structured system, including remote monitoring, regular maintenance service, and functional update.

Remote monitoring

Functional update

System maintenance

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