Toshiba Analytics AI SATLYS

  • Toshiba’s manufacturing knowledge and experience

    By supporting system optimization and autonomy, SATLYS resolves issues together with customers in fields such as manufacturing, buildings and facilities, logistics and distribution, social infrastructure, and energy.

    SATLYS discovers useful value for each customer’s business from a wide range of IoT data, such as inspection, sensor, work, and action data. It helps resolve wide-ranging issues in industrial fields, from identification, prediction, primary factor estimation, abnormality detection, and failure prediction/detection to value chain optimization and automated process control. An AI service that accelerates business transformation by providing new insights that only Toshiba can offer through our extensive on-site expertise and work-related knowledge.

    SATLYS is offered as professional services spanning the entire process from digital consulting to system integration and operation support. In this way, we build optimal AI environments tailored to customers’ diverse management issues.

Special Feature


From original system development to the co-creation of service businesses.

These articles provide multifaceted information about our co-creation case studies to provide high-quality experience value—including emotions and joy—to daily life and business via service business transformation.

#01 Toshiba's "SATLYS" analytics AI, leading AI-driven transformation of industrial fields

#02 SATLYS Technology, Transforming IoT Data into Business Value

#03 The analysis methods and analysis technologies that support SATLYS

#04 AI-based failure number prediction system for PC server component

#05 The world-pioneering semiconductor manufacturing processes being supported by AI

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