Toshiba Communication AI RECAIUS

  • Accumulation of voice/image recognition technologies and track record

    Human interactions improve understanding and knowledge for both people and systems.

    RECAIUS links our voice and image recognition technologies cultivated over many years with knowledge processing technologies. In addition to words, it understands environments and situations to precisely comprehend human actions and situational changes.

    RECAIUS provides accurate information to support creative human activities and communication between people as well as things.

Special Feature


These articles highlight RECAIUS to introduce Toshiba Digital Solutions’ AI technologies, product strategies, and up-to-date case studies.

#01 Toshiba AI, accelerating the digital revolution in the real, serious world

#02 Gathering findings from the field and using them as knowledge

#03 The World of Communication AI, Spreading over the Cloud Marketplace

#04 Accurate speech synthesis and recognition enhance availability of robots

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