SPINEX features

Edge Computing

In addition to collecting and processing all data in the cloud, SPINEX performs cooperative processing distributed between edges (work sites) and the cloud.
This keeps network loads down and improves on-site data processing and status detection speed.

Edge Computing
for rapid on-site data processing

Edge Computing

With traditional data processing that depends on cloud computing, an extremely difficult challenge was gathering all IoT data (in a large variety being produced at high frequencies) in the cloud, and discovering all instantaneous, abnormal values based on chronological changes.

With Edge Computing, devices and gateways are given the intelligence for processing at work sites that are close to end users. The devices determine whether data should be uploaded to the cloud or processed on-site, and only the necessary data is sent to the cloud.

This minimizes network load and communication delays. Detected abnormalities can be understood in detail in the cloud. On the cloud side, it is possible to concentrate on analyzing combined data from multiple devices and offices, and on processing utilizing extensive historical data.

On-site data processing also enables customers to protect their data. Important data can be processed at the work site, and it can be masked before sending it to the cloud. This meets the needs of customers who do not want to transfer confidential information outside of their company.

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