What is SPINEX?

The "spine" of "Caring for People, IoT"

Toshiba's IoT SPINEX is designed to become the "spine" of customer business growth. It contributes to companies and society, and supports human activities, as an essential framework for industrial IoT.

The spine of Caring for People, IoT
Toshiba Iot Architecture SPINEX TM

Toshiba is bringing together AI and a wide range of advanced technologies based on our extensive business knowledge—from social infrastructure to electronic devices—cultivated over many years.This IoT Architecture is for co-creating new business models utilizing IoT with customers.

It can be used to analyze big data collected from work sites for optimization and to predict accidents. Moreover, digital transformation will be implemented with customers in various industries with the aim of automation and autonomy.

Steps to digital transformation with SPINEX

SPINEX is designed to connect things to produce new value.

An open ecosystem is formed by connecting on-site assets and expanding digital transformation targets throughout the company and into communities.
SPINEX assists digitalization and the creation of high-value-added services through overall optimization, automation, and autonomy while advancing IoT progress based on visualization and remote monitoring.

  • STEP1

    Comprehends work sites and actual situations in a precise, timely manner to detect issues and abnormalities.

  • STEP2Optimization

    Analyzes accumulated big data for optimization to cut costs and boost productivity, including less wasted time and effort.

  • STEP3Automation

    Automated driving and control is achieved while using Digital Twins to make future predictions.

  • STEP4Autonomy

    AI dynamically produces rules for autonomous responses to changing situations and environments.


  • Digital Twin

    By faithfully reproducing the on-site environment on a digital basis in real time, digital twins represent phenomena and perform future prediction.

    SPINEX understands, analyzes, and quickly makes inferences about changing on-site circumstances, then connects these to smooth on-site actions. Toshiba proposes data collection and analysis methods based on our understanding of what data is useful at work sites.

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  • Analytics AI /Communication AI

    SPINEX can be used for more advanced work tasks through AI, leveraging our data analysis abilities and voice/image recognition technologies refined via manufacturing.

    Deep learning analysis provides value through identification, prediction/estimation, and control.High-precision, speedy analysis is performed.
    With SPINEX, the IoT supports communication between people as well as things. It links voice and image recognition technologies with knowledge processing technologies that think and process these voices and images.

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  • Edge Computing

    Vast amounts of data gathered from various devices are linked for an optimal division of processing between the edges (work sites) and cloud.

    Toshiba utilizes our semiconductor and embedded software technologies to the maximum degree for an ideal harmony of on-site, real-time processing and cloud processing. We build IoTs that are ideal for digital transformation to promptly process big data and keep communication loads low.

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