TOSHIBA Cyber Physical Systems


TOSHIBA Cyber Physical System
We turn on the promise of a new day

With CPS, we are creating a new world, one where data collected in the physical world is assessed and
analyzed with digital technology,
and then fed back to the physical
world to promote advances and improvement.

What are Cyber Physical Systems

CPS amass data from the phsical world for processing and analysis with the digital technologies of the cyber world. The constant feedback loop between the two creates and accumulates value.

Leveraging AI, big data and other cutting-edge digital integrated by CPS will allow us to optimize automated solutions in the physical world, and then to change our workplaces and the ways we work.

Toshiba is Creating the 
Future with CPS

Toshiba is Creating the Future with CPS’simage

At Toshiba, we are fusing information processing powered by AI and digital technologies with our unrivalled experience and know-how as a manufacturer in industries ranging from electronic devices to infrastructure. By capitalizing on our leadership in CPS technologies we create value for business, and contribute more to the development of our communities.

Toshiba loT Reference Architecture’simage

Toshiba IoT Reference Architecture is the technical foundation that represents Toshiba’s corecompetencies which are a unified set of control and data-enabled services.
This enables us to quickly provide BtoB services in the future.

Toshiba is Creating the Future with CPS

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TOSHIBA SPINEX is a generic name for industrial IoT services of Toshiba. By adopting Toshiba IoT Reference Architecture, which is based on global standards, Toshiba will provide services quickly and ensure a high level of maintainability. In 2019, Toshiba has released 12 types of services in the following four fields, social infrastructure, energy, manufacturing, and logistics under TOSHIBA SPINEX brand. Toshiba will continuously develop services based on Toshiba IoT Reference Architecture.

DiGiTAL T-SOUL Vol.32_01 "Toshiba IoT Reference Architecture" and "TOSHIBA SPINEX"

We turn on the promise of a new day


TOSHIBA SPINEX is a trademark of Toshiba Corporation.

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