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  1. Intellectual Property (IP) Licensing Business:
    • Management and promotion of patent pool license (DVD6C/Premier BD, et al.)
    • Copy Protection (CP) related technology license
    • Software license
  2. IP Trust Business: (Inter-Group Trust)
    • Service of management, maintenance and/or disposition of Standard Related Patents pursuant to Japanese Trust Business Law
  3. Support Service for IP related Licensing & Contracts:
    • Support service for IP related agreements and technology related agreements (License Agreements/NDA/Joint Development Agreements, et al.)
  4. IP Acquisition Service:
    • Prosecution and acquisition practice of IP rights (US and Asia, et al.)
    • Patent prosecution practice with education service (US)
    • Liaison service for creating IP rights
    • Support service for enforcing patent rights (creating claim chart/increasing number of Standard Essential Patents (SEPs), et al.)
  5. IP Search and Analyzing Service:
    • Prior art search/IP clearance search (against third party's IP rights)
    • Technical trend/Specific Technology search and analyzing service
  6. IP related Affairs and Operation Service:
    • General IP affairs and operation service for Toshiba Group Companies (TGC) (including ex-TGC) (cost processing/maintenance fee management/compensation/bounty payment, et al)
    • Management service for existing IP related contracts (royalty payments/withholding tax, et al.)
    • Operating service of IP Information Systems for TGC
    • Trademark & Design Management
    • Window operation service for TGC to Patent Offices

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