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ISDB-T/Tb Encoder/Multiplexer

ISDB-T/Tb Encoder/Multiplexer image

Full functions of ISDB-T/Tb headend system integrated in only 1U unit

EMX-5000 is a totally new solution for ISDB-T/Tb. This highly-integrated headend system has various functions required in ISDB-T/Tb broadcasting systems. Up to four channels H.264 hardware encoders, ten input multiplexer and ISDB-T/Tb re-multiplexer are all integrated into only 1U chassis. Introducing solely one unit to your existing system brings you the capabilities of ISDB-T/Tb multi-service composed of HD, SD and 1seg. EMX-5000 also has PSI generation and insertion functions required in the ISDB-T/Tb standard. It is possible to make settings and changes easily by using the Web GUI. In addition, four TS inputs are equipped in EMX-5000. It is possible to multiplex the external TS signals incoming from Data-cast server, external encoders, and so on.

The quickest means to jump into the new era of digital broadcast

EMX-5000 has analog V/A inputs and various conversion functions (analog to digital conversion, up conversion, down conversion, etc.). It is possible to achieve digital broadcasting easily by inputting analog signal from your existing analog television master system. Furthermore, EMX-5000’s distribution function of input signals enables two or more simultaneous broadcasting services from one input. EMX-5000 is the best solution to enable the full service of ISDB-T/Tb broadcasting with a minimum investment.