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MAKE THE FUTURE With passionate challenges, we contribute to people's safety and security through security-related systems/services to create essential social infrastructure for the future.

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Realizing a safe, secure, reliable and sustainable society, we provide systems, services, and essential social infrastructure that support the national security of Japan.

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We create new values by CPS through the fusion of cyber & physical technologies

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  • 1937Started the defense & electronic systems business at the Komukai operations
  • 1955Delivered Weather Radar to Mt.Seburi(Fukuoka Pref.)
  • 1960Delivered Japan's largest Weather Radar to Cape Muroto(Kochi Pref.)
  • 1963Delivered Japan's first ASR & PAR to Tokyo & Osaka International Airport
  • 1970Delivered HAWK system Radar
  • 1975Delivered Counter-battery Radar
  • 1981Delivered the world's first Multifunction Weather Radar to CHUBU Electric Power Co.,Inc.
  • 1982Delivered Type-81 Short-range Surface-to-air Missile system
  • 1992Delivered Type-91 Man-portable Surface-to-air Missile system
  • 1995Delivered Type-93 Self-propelled Surface-to-air Missile system
  • 2002Delivered Air Surveillance Radar
  • 2003Delivered Weather Doppler Radar to Naha Airport
  • 2005Delivered Type-03 Medium-range Surface-to-air Missile system Radar
  • 2006Developed the world's maximum power X-band GaN power FET
  • 2007Delivered the world's first Solid-state Multiparameter Weather Radar to Nagoya Univ.
  • 2010Delivered Maritime Patrol Aircraft Radar
  • 2012Delivered Japan's first Phased Array Weather Radar to Osaka Univ.
  • 2017Delivered Naval Radar
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