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TOSHIBA Solid-State Weather Rader

Five Features (advantages) of our system

High accuracy observation

Toshiba Solid-State Weather Radar has high linearity characteristics, which obtains high accurate polarimetric data compared with Klystron radar.
Following figure shows that our Solid-State Weather Radar reached RhoHV of 0.998, which represent the correlation between the horizontal and vertical wave, with only 20 hits of pulse in 1 degree beam width in stratiform rain condition, however a Klystron radar usually requires 120 hits of pulse to reach RhoHV 0.998.(*1) This means that the user can make rapid observations compared with electron tube radar.

*1 Our survey.

High accuracy observation

Reduction of the life cycle cost

Toshiba Solid-State weather radar significantly reduced periodical replacement parts, and reduced lifecycle cost of the system.(*1)
Especially, solid-state weather radar does not need expensive electron tubes, such as magnetron or Klystron tubes.
We can simply reduce the cost of periodical exchange of those tubes.

*1 Estimation under normal conditions of use. Compared with Toshiba's latest model of Klystron transmitter.

Reduction of the life cycle cost

Improvement in operational continuity

Toshiba Solid-State weather radar has redundancy in power amplifier unit so it will not suspend the system even one of the unit is breakdown. This will contribute to stability of system operation.
In order to keep operational continuity and easier maintenance, our Solid-State Weather transmitter is designed to have multiple power amplifier (PA) units, and able to exchange failing PA unit instantly.


Solid-State type transmitter does not need large scale high voltage power unit.
In conclusion, size of the transmitter was downsized in half.(*1)
Compare with conventional weather radar system, our Solid-State weather radar system became half size in volume and foot print.

*1 Compared with Toshiba's latest model of Klystron transmitter.

Klystron Weather Rader (Toshiba's latest model) / Solid-State Weather Radar

Efficient use of radio wave frequencies

Toshiba Solid-State weather radar significantly suppressed its spurious emission without degradation of observation performance by our state-of-the-art semiconductor technology and radar signal processing technology fully conform to ITU-standard.

Efficient use of radio wave frequencies
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