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Toshiba Solid-State Weather Radar SSWR-S100D/SSWR-C100D series are high accuracy, high sensitivity, and high resolution Dual Polarization Weather Radar for S/C-band, with Full Solid-State transmitter.

As an industry leading Radar and Semiconductor manufacturer, Toshiba developed SSPA(Solid-State Power Amplifier) based weather radar by fusing radar data processing technologies with advanced world-class semiconductor technologies. Toshiba's Solid-State Weather Radar combines high performance and high quality, to realize improved observation accuracy and low lifecycle costs.

Toshiba's up-to-date Solid-State Weather Radar realizes greater accuracy by transmitting long pulse with high quality dual polarization, which offers better accuracy compared with conventional radars such as Klystron radars. Due to its long pulse, the average power of 1 pulse produced by solid-state radar provides higher sensitivity than conventional radars. By using pulse compression technique, range resolution is higher than conventional radars.

With Toshiba's experience of having many decades of manufacturing social infrastructure, Toshiba will continue to contribte to maintain safety and security of society by manufacturing weather radar system.

System Advantage

  • Improved Observation - High quality dual polarization data
  • Low Lifecycle Costs - No need for replacement of high-cost Klystron transmitter
  • Robust Design - Power Amp. Units can be made redundant
  • Maintainability - Units can be exchanged without suspending system operation
  • Downsizing - Half size of Klystron transmitter (*1)
  • Efficient Frequency Utilization - Low Spurious Emission

*1 Compared with Toshiba's latest model of Klystron transmitter

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Product Catalog





Toshiba is a leading supplier of high-performance microwave devices.

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