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Guangzhou Toshiba Baiyun Control System Engineering Co., Ltd. China


Guangzhou Toshiba Baiyun Control System Engineering Co., Ltd.

Region: China

Guangzhou - China

Company Information

Guangzhou Toshiba Baiyun Control System Engineering was established by Toshiba together with a Chinese electrical system manufacturer in 2004. With a proven record of executing over 400 projects, the company is involved in sales, design, manufacturing, local procurement and maintenance services of electrical systems and monitoring and control systems, which are mainly used in water and wastewater treatment plants. The company provides safe and reliable products and services through the sales, design, manufacturing and system integration that best fits local needs, and quality capabilities with Toshiba’s technologies. The company has also launched IoT and Smart Water business to contribute to solving water environment issues.

Company Name
Guangzhou Toshiba Baiyun Control System Engineering Co., Ltd.
18, Daling Nan Lu, Industrial District Shenshan Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, P.R. China
Business Domain
Electrical system integration and EPC for
  • Water and sewage treatment for municipal field
  • Water and wastewater treatment for industrial field
Delivery Record
More than 400 projects

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Record of Actual Deliveries(Main Achievements)

Lianjiang Economic Development Zone
Client Lianjiang Economic Development Zone
Location Guangzhou Liangiang City
Facility Municipal sewage treatment
Capacity 15,000 m3/day
Year of Delivery 2012
Yonghe water purification center
Client Yonghe Water Purification Center
Location Guangzhou Yonghe Development Zone
Facility Municipal sewage treatment
Capacity 55,000 m3/day
Year of Delivery 2019
Guangxi Liunan purification plant
Client Guangxi Liunan Purification Plant
Location Guangxi
Facility Municipal water treatment
Capacity 70,000 m3/day
Year of Delivery 2011
Machinery factory
Client Machinery Factory
Location Hi-Tech Park in Guangzhou
Facility Raw water treatment
Capacity 300 m3/day
Year of Delivery ---
sewerage treatment plant
Client Sewage Treatment Plant
Location Kaiping
Facility Wide-area monitoring of public sewage treatment and pump stations
Capacity ---
Year of Delivery 2011

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