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UEM Group


UEM Group

Covering Area : India, South Asia, South-East Asia, Middle East, Central America, North America and Africa

UEM India Pvt. Ltd - India

Company Information

Toshiba welcomed UEM group, an international water services company, as a member of its group companies in 2015 to establish a foundation for its water treatment engineering business around the world.
UEM Group has started its business in USA in early 1970s and now the company has its engineering center in India and its offices in USA, Trinidad & Tobago and Oman.They serve as a one-stop provider of municipal and industrial water and waste water treatment solutions.
The company directs every aspect of each project, from engineering to design, construction, installation and operation and maintenance services.
To date, the company has successfully developed over 350 installations in 35 countries with over 40 years of its experience.

Company Name
UEM India Pvt. Ltd / UEM,Inc. links with this mark, move to the PC site.(a separate window will open)
UEM India Pvt.Ltd
4th Floor, Pioneer Urban Square, Tower-D, Sector-62, Gurgaon – 122 102, Haryana, INDIA
Tel: +91-124-6447000

1818 S. Australian Avenue,Suite 110
West Palm Beach, FL 33409 USA
Tel: +1 561-683-2273/2733/3668

UEM Inc. Trinidad & Tobago
22 Crawford Street, Vistabella
San Fernando, Trinidad,
Tel: +1 868-652-9713
Business Area
  • Water and sewerage treatment plant
    Design, supply of equipment, installation, commissioning and operation and maintenance services
  • Industrial water and waste water treatment plant
    Design, supply of equipment, installation, commissioning and operation and maintenance services
Delivery Record
350 systems in more than 30 countries

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  • Interview with Mr. Koichi Matsui, Chairperson & MD, UEM India
    (a Toshiba group company)

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History History

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Record of Actual Deliveries (Main Achievements)

Municipal Sewerage Treatment

Municipal treatment
Capacity: 182MLD STP
Facility: ASP with Sludge Digestion and Power Generation
Completion: 2004
Capacity: 4.5MLD STP
Facility: MBR with BNR
Completion: 2010
Capacity: 74MLD STP
Facility: SBR with BNR
Completion: 2012
Capacity: 107MLD STP
Facility: EAP
Completion: 2013

Municipal Water Supply

Municipal water supply
Trinidad & Tobago
Capacity: 87MLD Navet WTP
Facility: Rapid Sand Filtration
Completion: 2001
St. Lucia
Capacity: 60MLD Theobaldt WTP
Facility: Rapid Sand Filtration
Completion: 2007
Capacity: 5-12 MLD WTP x 5
Facility: Rapid Sand Filtration
Completion: 2010

Oil & Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical

Oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical
Capacity: 6.6 MLD ETP
Facility: PTA effluent
Completion: 2008
Trinidad & Tobago
Capacity: 6 MLD ETP
Facility: PTA Effluent
Completion: 2008

Power Plant

Power plant
Capacity: 122.5MLD
Facility: Pretreatment plant
Completion: On-going
Capacity: 118MLD
Facility: Pre-Treatment plant
Completion: On-going


Capacity: 4.8KLD
Facility: DI plant (EDI based, 1µs/cm)
Completion: 2015
Capacity: 210KLD, 242KLD
Facility: DI plant (Resin based, 2µs/cm), EPC with ZLD (Evaporation) system
Completion: 2016
Capacity: 6,000KLD, 640KLD, 1,440KLD
Facility: WTP, STP, ETP including recycling system
Completion: 2017

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Company Profile Catalog

Please download a company PDF catalog of UEM group.

Company Profile Catalog


  • 1) Leading water and waste water treatment firm with over 4 decades of experience
  • 2) Providing design, turnkey and O&M services with strong technical knowhow
  • 3) Strong pre-qualifications in the key opportunity areas Indian hydrocarbon segment, power, steel, municipal experience in multiple industries across multiple geographies
  • 4) International company with offices in 3 countries India, USA and Trinidad group company of Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation, Japan
  • 5) Active in water and waste water completed over 350 installations in over 30 countries

UEM Company Profile (PDF:1.33MB)
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