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Solutions for Municipal Field

Toshiba contributes to water supply and
sewerage infrastructure around the world with advanced technologies

We, Toshiba, offer effective solutions for secure, safe and stable water supply and sewerage operations worldwide, with advanced engineering technologies based on proven abundant experience in delivering a widerange of solutions.


Providing optimum technologies from experience through global network

We select and provide optimum technologies that meet customer requirements.

  • Water Supply
    • Rapid / slow sand filtration
    • Membrane filtration
       - UF(*1)
       - MF(*2)
    • Ozone generator
    • Desalination
  • Sewage and sludge treatment
    • Biological treatment
       - ASP(*3)
       - SBR(*4)
       - MBR(*5)
       - MBBR(*6)
    • Advanced treatment
       - BNR(*7)
       - Ozone generator
    • Sludge digestion and power generation
  • O&M

(*1) UF: Ultra Filtration
(*2) MF: Micro Filtration
(*3) ASP: Activated Sludge Process
(*4) SBR: Sequencing Batch Reactor
(*5) MBR: Membrane Bioreactor
(*6) MBBR: Moving Bed Bioreactor
(*7) BNR: Biological Nutrient Removal


SCADA(*8) system - TOSWACS™
Ozone generator - TGOGS™
Electrical system & instrumentation system
Water distribution management system

(*8) SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

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