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Rainwater Drainage


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Flooding risk has been increasing in urban areas due to localized torrential rains caused by abnormal weather conditions as well as due to a decrease of land where rainwater infiltrates into the ground, which results from urbanization during the years of high economic growth.

Toshiba accurately observes constantly changing rain conditions by effectively using IT systems and forecasts rainwater movements. Toshiba's system contributes to safe drainage of rainwater and improvement of discharged water quality in combined sewer systems through integrated management and operation of sewerage treatment plants, pump stations and rainwater reservoirs that are distributed in different areas.
Toshiba also help reduce urban disasters by quickly allocating necessary personnel and providing the latest weather information to citizens.

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Rainwater Drainage System


The frequency of flood disasters in urban areas caused by sudden and localized torrential rains has been increasing in recent years. The torrential rain comes from the generation of massive cumulonimbus clouds that is difficult to forecast. Intense rain that falls for five to ten minutes suddenly increases the inflow of rainwater into pump stations and makes it difficult to operate rainwater drainage pumps in a timely way.
Toshiba supports proper pump operations by grasping the sudden torrential rain through combining precipitation data from the rainfall radar and ground rain gauges and predicting the rainwater inflow into pump stations in real time.


We can offer the following rainwater drainage solutions based on precipitation data from the rainfall radar and ground rain gauges.

  • Distribution of precipitation data to sewerage treatment plants (using data from the rainfall radar and ground rain gauges)
  • Predictions of the amount of rainwater inflow into sewerage treatment plants (rainwater inflow predicting technology)
  • Functions to support the operation of rainwater pumps based on the predicted amount of inflow (automatic control system for rainwater pumps, operation support system for rainwater pumps, and measures to prevent flooding)
  • Support in allocating operators (personnel allocation support system)
  • Notification to and evacuation of citizens in case damage such as a sewerage overflow is expected

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