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Water Supply


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Since thermal power plants use a large amount of steam, they use water reuse equipment such as boilers and condensate demineralizers. And the electronic industry needs extremely pure water. These industry sectors need advanced technologies as well as expertise, know-how, and reliability.

Toshiba assists in the production of high-quality water by using our technology such as ozone generation system and filtration and our expertise that neither produce unwanted chemical residues nor alter the properties of treated water.

Water Treatment Systems for Thermal Power Plants


Thermal power plants use a large amount of water (pure and filtered water) to generate steam for power generation and to treat exhaust gas. For these processes, they need water supply facilities such as large seawater desalination and water purification systems. The water used at individual facilities contains various impurities when discharged as waste water. Toshiba's waste water treatment systems remove these impurities in different steps to improve the water quality to a level dischargeable into public water environment.

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Toshiba globally conducts business by leveraging its expertise and rich experience in the construction of water supply and sewerage infrastructure in Japan. We operate worldwide, offering end to end and customized solutions to meet our customers' needs. We are committed to assisting in the establishment of sustainable water circulation systems and the realization of advanced environmentally sound communities using our expertise and affiliates.


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