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Water Recycling


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Factories use a large amount of water. There is an increasing need to recycle and reuse treated water to use water resources efficiently. However, factories generate a variety of waste water with different water qualities and in different amounts. The entire production process from input to output must be managed effectively to use water resources properly and efficiently and to conserve the aquatic environment.

Toshiba considers the entire factory as a whole rather than individual facilities separately to realize stable factory operations while efficiently using limited water resources. This is achieved by combining various elemental technologies and waste water treatment technologies in an suitable manner.

Waste water Recycling and Treatment System for Restaurants


Waste water from restaurants contains a high concentration of organic matter. Oil, SS, and BOD are usually removed from the waste water by using the dissolved-air floatation and activated sludge method before being discharged into a sewer. On the other hand, because factories need a large amount of water, it must be reused as much as possible to conserve water resources. To address these needs, Toshiba offers water treatment facilities using an ozone generator, which allow restaurants to reuse some of the waste water for production processes, reducing water consumption.


  • To achieve the water quality suitable for reuse, an ordinary waste water treatment is followed by biological treatment (aeration and sedimentation). Toshiba's water recycling system further includes the removal of SS using sand filtration; bleaching, deodorizing and sterilization using ozone; and absorption and removal of residual organic matter and ozone using activated carbon filtration.
  • The recycled water is used in production processes within a factory.

Configuration Example

Some of the waste water is recycled by sand filtration, ozone treatment and activated carbon treatment, and reused in production processes.

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