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Toshiba's Water Business

We will contribute to the establishment of
sustainable water circulation systems.

Japanese Water Technology

Japan is a remarkable country where people can drink tap water as it is.

This is outcome of Japanese high level water technology.

Toshiba has been playing a part of it for decades.

Japanese Water Technology

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Business Vision



Water problems such as water shortages and pollution are occurring around the world due to population growth, industrial development and improvement of living standards. To solve those problems, global cooperation is needed beyond regional or national boundaries. Toshiba has been involved in the development of water and sewerage infrastructure for many years, and has offered comprehensive technologies ranging from planning to implementation to solve various water and environmental problems.

We continue to offer total solutions combining various technologies to accommodate diverse situations, including regional, cultural, and environmental differences. And we keep our commitment to the development and operation of water and environmental infrastructure. We will contribute to the establishment of sustainable water circulation systems and the realization of advanced environmentally sound communities.

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Toshiba's water and environmental systems business started in 1972, offering electrical equipment for water supply and sewerage systems in Japan, as well as related engineering services. Toshiba has since contributed to the development of water supply and sewerage infrastructure in Japan. As we at Toshiba have accumulated abundant experience and expertise, our business fields have expanded to new segments such as the development of industrial water treatment plants and water infrastructure outside of Japan.

We will continue our efforts to best serve you in the area of water.

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Toshiba's Total Solutions

Toshiba's Total Solutions

Toshiba has established its water business bases in China and Indonesia and is now expanding businesses mainly targeting the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) projects for water supply and sewerage systems and industrial water treatment plants.

By leveraging our long-accumulated expertise in the water field including planning, engineering, construction, operation and management, we offer solutions that suit your needs.

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Water & Wastewater Solution Catalog

Please download a Water & Wastewater Solution PDF catalog of Toshiba.

Water & Wastewater Solution catalog


  • 1) History
  • 2) Our Business Overview
  • 3) Business in Municipal Field
  • 4) Business in Industrial Field
  • 5) Operation and Maintenance (O&M)
  • 6) Our Global Business
  • 7) About Us

Water & Wastewater Solution(PDF:2.55MB)
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