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VF-MB1 image

VF-MB1 can drive elevator, lifting, conveyor, food & beverage processing, material handling, machine tool and various applications.

Slim Shape Body

  • Side-by-side installation(*)
    The VF-MB1 has been minimized width size in comparison with conventional model. In addition, side-by-side installation can save space in control cabinet.
    *Output current de-rating is required.
  • Flat Mounting installation
    The VF-MB1 can be mounted by Flat Mounting and front block can be attached 90 degree by using additional mount bracket (*2). The space can be minimized with various installation (*1).
    Current reduction is required if VF-MB1 is installed into less ventilation spaces such as narrow space and side-by-side installation.
    The model whose front block is attached 90 degree is modified with additional mount bracket in factory.

Flexible Operation

  • Setting dial, 4 keys, and 4 small LEDs with Green 7 segments LEDs can be easy to set parameters and operations.
  • Built in RS485 and CANopen communication
  • Dual rating (CT/VT)

Advanced Motor Drive

  • Induction motor and Permanent Magnetic (PM) motor drive
  • PM drive technology

Global design

  • UL,CSA compliance
  • Switch-able control I/F Source or Sink logic

VF-MB1 Line-up

  • Single phase 200V 0.2kW to 2.2kW
  • Three phase 500V 0.4kW to 15kW