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Banknote Processing Systems

Toshiba has been providing solutions for cash handling businesses - central banks, commercial banks, cash-in-transit (CIT), and security printing works - for over 40 years. Our banknote processing machines offer excellent capabilities with high throughput, with no loss of the accuracy essential for the reliable banknote sorting.

Product Information

Banknote Processing Machine (FS series)

The suitable solution for central banks and large commercial banks, a highly efficient system that uses advanced detectors to make fitness sorting of banknotes.

Banknote Processing Machine (FS series) image

Currency Sorter (CS series)

Solutions for the commercial sector, including banks, armored services and cash-in-transit (CIT), and the gaming industry. As a major supplier of currency sorters in the U.S. since the 1980s, Toshiba delivers value-added systems that meet currency operation needs.

Currency Sorter (CS series) image

Banknote Quality Inspection System (BI series)

Toshiba's banknote quality inspection system checks printing quality with a high-resolution detection system that integrates advanced image data processing technologies.

Banknote Quality Inspection System (BI series) image