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Logistics System Solutions

Toshiba offers unique proposals, drawing on its
expertise built up through years of
experience in manufacturing.

Logistics System Solutions

Toshiba establishes an optimum logistics system in cooperation with customers.

Do you have any difficulty in automating your logistics operation?
Click your difficulty below and check out our robot solution.


  • The robot can handle items
    stacked in various conditions
  • Two-sided gripper enables a
    steady handling of heavy items
watch the video of the robot

The unique orthogonal mechanism allows easy handling of heavy items

The combination of the two-sided gripper and the lifting conveyor will ensure a stable handling
  • The robot can handle heavy items in combination with the lifting conveyor and the two-sided gripping function which Toshiba has developed.
    Up to two items can be unloaded simultaneously in the high-speed operation mode.

    The lifting conveyor conveys items down to the level same as existing conveyors.
  • Items up to 30kg can be handled.
    Carton boxes with perforated surface can be also handled.
The unique recognition technology allows handling of items stacked in various conditions

The dual cameras improve the image recognition function and identify the profile of each item.

  • Stacking pattern A, Stacking pattern B, Stacking pattern C
    The robot can recognize items stacked in various conditions.
  • Even if the items are staffed, the robot can recognize each item individually.


Item Description
Gripper type Two-sided gripper (top and side)
Applicable containers Flat pallets
Max. item size (mm) 600 × 600 × 500
Item weight (kg) 30 or less
Dimensions (mm) 2200 x 3400 x 2700 (excluding protruding part, control panel, and air compressors)
Weight (kg) 2300 or less
Throughput (pph) 500 (It may take different values depending on the size and stacking condition of items.)
Environmental conditions Ambient temperature: 0 to 40 ℃, Relative humidity: 20 to 90%RH (Non condensing)

Unloading Robot

  • Handle randomly
    stacked items
  • 600pph throughput
    without prior teaching
Watch the video of the robot

Smooth unloading of randomly stacked items

  • Dual cameras recognize items

    An RGB and 3D camera recognize items with no need for prior teaching.

    Recognize items by composite analysis
  • Secure picking of uneven items

    Items at unevenly packed are securely held by changing the angles of the gripper.

    No problem pIcking randomly stacked items
  • High-speed processing at 600pph

    On-site performance is maximized with peripheral equipment.

    Arm movement is minimized by a lifting conveyor in the middle.

Operation is secure and stable

Advantage of the unloading robot
  • Safe, stable operation
    Eliminate operator error and mistakes
  • Operator workloads are cut
    Items as heavy as 20kg can be handled

Installing Toshiba’s robot boost security and efficiency.


Item Description
Gripper type Vacuum suction from above
Applicable containers Pallet, roll container
Max. item size (mm) 600 × 650× 325
Max. item weight (kg) Less than 20
Dimensions (mm) 2200 × 3200 × 2700
Weight (kg) Under 800 (excluding control panel and air compressor)
Throughput (pph) 600 (for items up to 8kg) * May vary with stacking.
Environmental conditions Ambient temperature : 5 to 35℃,
Relative humidity: 35 to 85%RH (Non condensing)

Piece-picking Robot

  • Grippers automatically change to suit the item
  • Space efficient item packing
Watch the video of the robot

Specialized grippers ensure careful handling of various items

Grippers and handling method automatically change to suit the item
  • Secure gripper control
    • One suction pad can
      handle small items.

    • Bigger items are handled
      by all suction pads.

  • A single arm, multiple grippers

    The automatic changer chooses the best gripper for each item.

Advanced image processing supports image recognition and space-efficient packing
  • Dual cameras boost image recognition,
    without prior programming.

  • Items are optimally packed by using
    measurement data.

    • before
      Packing items at random raises the risk of damage.
    • after
      Packing items carefully without empty space.

Interaction with automated storage systems improves operating efficiency

Advantages of the piece-picking robot
  • Safe, stable operation
    Eliminate operator error and picking mistakes
  • Easy
    Install without modification of upper system such as WMS*

Smooth interaction with automated storage raises efficiency

*WMS:Warehouses Management System


Item Description
Gripper type 5 suction pads (with individual control of each pad)
Applicable containers Tray with a height of 340mm and lower; partitions in tray okay
Max. item size (mm) 500 × 300× 200 (depending on gripper hand)
Max. item weight (kg) Up to 7
Dimensions (mm) 2500 × 2500 × 3000 (excluding control equipment and air compressors)
Weight (kg) Under 530 (excluding control equipment and air compressors)
Throughput (pph) 240 (varies with stacking and item conditions)
Environmental conditions Ambient temperature : 5 to 35℃,
Relative humidity: 35 to 85%RH (Non condensing)

*It may vary with combination of arms and grippers.

Core technologies that support logistics

Toshiba offers unique proposals, drawing on its expertise built up through years of experience in manufacturing.

  • Efficient parcel loadingImage Recognition

    Reliable recognition using various sensors
    A unique analysis technique using various sensors makes it possible to recognize each parcel.
    This data is used to achieve efficient loading operations and thereby improve work productivity.
  • Efficient control planIntelligent Function

    Intelligence to create efficient control plans
    Real data are converted into virtual models to simulate operations even under complicated conditions.
  • Parcels of various shapes and sizesRobot Grippers

    Selection of the optimum gripper for each parcel
    The optimum robot gripper is selected according to the shape and weight of each object.
    It is possible to pick up randomly stacked parcels.

Toshiba offers an optimum solution according to the environment of each customer.

Utilizing the above core technologies, Toshiba offers proposals of robots and other solutions to contribute to the tasks such as unloading, picking, and loading.

Unloading heavy goods easily, Picking various items and packing them carefully, Efficient loading without wasting truck space

Toshiba solutions are custom-made for every customer.

We deliver optimal automation solution which fits customers' environment
through on-site evaluation to improve operational work flow.

Toshiba delivers it all!

We deliver optimal solution which fits every customers' environment.

  • To find issues in
    current work flow
    • Site survey
    • Logistics process analysis
    • Operation

    We examine and analyze the existing operation to find spots to be improved.
    We simulate and analyze the expected effect of automation.

  • To provide the best fit
    solution for every
    • Material-handling
      equipment design
    • WMS connection
    • Customized gripper

    We provide the optimal equipment and layout based on the survey result and design the best fit solution for every customer, including Warehouse Management System connection and customized gripper.

  • To maintain stable
    automation environment
    • Remote monitoring
    • Functional update
    • System maintenance

    We provide maintenance service to keep secure operation of the structured system, including remote monitoring, regular maintenance service, and functional update.

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