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Toshiba developed JapanĀ“s first Smart Card in 1981, and has continued ever since developing smart cards and its applications. Toshiba offers high quality Smart Card products with the cutting edge technologies for the security applications.

Product Information

Smart Cards for the Financial Sector

Series of payment applications with high-level security features enable smooth migration from magnetic stripe cards to Smart Cards. The supported payment applications includes credit and debit for VISA, MasterCard®, and JCB, as well as ATM services and loyalty applications.

MasterCard is a the registered trademark of MasterCard Worldwide.

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Smart Cards for Telecommunications

Support 2G and 3G mobile phones, and meet the latest specifications of the ETSI SCP and the Pay-Buy-Mobile Programme promoted by the GSMA. Our UIM card meets the security requirements for mobile payment services.

ETSI SCP : European Telecommunications Standards Institute-Smart Card Platform
GSMA : GSM Association

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Smart Cards for the Public Sector

Meet the enhanced security requirements of public sectors and provide solution for the applications, including electronic passports, driver´s licenses and national ID cards.

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