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Worldwide Supply and Business Partners list

Worldwide Supply


  Shipment record number
Japan 2,874
China 281
Korea 341
Taiwan/Chinese Taipei 182
Southeast Asia 94
India 21
Middle East 24
Oseania 32
North America 19
South America 112
Europe 56
Africa 29
Overseas Total 1,191
Total 4,065

As of Oct. 2018

Worldwide Business Partners List

Country Name Details
Korea TOMSCO #2203, Renaissance tower, 456 Gongdeok-dong, mapo-ku, .Seoul 121-020 Korea.
Email :
China Shanghai Yuxuan Trading co.Ltd Room602 No.111 East,Songqiao Road,BaoShan,Shanghai,China
Email :
Chinese Taipei
Goodchum Enterprise Corp.
Taipei Headquarters :
4F-2, 556 Kwang Fu South Road,Taipei 10695, Taiwan
TEL: 02-2703-3177
FAX: 02-2707-0737
Email :
Kaohsiung Branch :
9F-12, 12 Fuxing 4th Road,Kaohsiung 80661, Taiwan
TEL: 07-970-3177
FAX: 07-970-3100
Email :
Head Office :
Impart International Pvt Ltd.
Western Edge II, A Wing 206
Western Express Highway
Borivali East
Mumbai 400066
Email :
Impart International Pvt Ltd., Kolkata
166 B, S.P. Mukherjee Road
Merlin Links 4 E, Kolkata 700026, India
Email :
Impart International Pvt Ltd., Delhi
Laxmi Nagar District Centre
Laxmi Deep, Office No. 202
2nd Floor, New Delhi 110 092
Email :
Brazil TBrTech-Comercio, Servicos, Importacao e Exportacao de Equipmentos Ltda Avenida Senador Casimiro da Rocha, 609 - 12th floor - Room 128
Mirandopolis - Sao Paulo - SP - Brazil - CEP 04047-001
Email :
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