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AC Electrification System

Toshiba's electrical equipment is intended to supply highly reliable stable AC power to the AC electric locomotive. It consists mainly of AC power feeding equipment such as a large and medium capacity power feeding transformers which convert 3-phase alternating current into 2-phase alternating current, auto transformers, static var compensators which compensates for imbalance in the power source, AC circuit breakers intended for use at ultra-high voltages to special high voltages, lightning arrester, single phase AC power feeding circuit breakers, and switches which can withstand frequent use.

Benefits & Value

  • The adoption of air-less switches enables maintenance of ancillary equipment such as a compressor to be eliminated.
  • ME distribution switchboard realizes space-saving as well as plenary functions such as history management of accident and measurement data and maintenance monitoring, resulting in higher reliability.
  • High-grade, low-loss grain-oriented silicon steel is used in power transformers to reduce load loss, and also insulation and cooling are rationalized to reduce the total loss.
  • Switches which are used frequently at Shinkansen changeover section have been designed to withstand high voltage and ensure long operating life.

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General ME switchboard
for West Japan Railway Company (Sanyo Shinkansen)

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