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Greener Driving System

Be on time, Save energy

This system monitors and analyzes conventional train operations, and generates Energy Saving Guidance for improvement energy consumption.

Operation and Control


Energy saving running profile

According to train dynamic conditions, route profiles, time tables, and train diagrams, Basic Energy Saving Running Profile is calculated by the Planning System, and the on-board system adjusts the profile based on real-time conditions.

Smooth Assistance by Graphical Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

A simple HMI with sound assistance has been created based on drivers’ recommendations. This HMI is also capable of displaying their energy consumption.

Energy meter interface

Records energy consumption and transfers data to the ground-based system

Benefits & Value

Save Energy : Recorded 10% Reduction on average in energy consumption*

This system monitors and analyzes conventional train operations, and generates Energy Saving Guidance for improved energy consumption in order to ensure an energy-conscious cycle.
* in Field Operation Test. Please see below for the details.

Keep schedule

Energy Saving Guidance is based on Timetable. If the train is delayed , this system calculates a new eco-running profile to recover and be on time.

Improve driving skills

Drivers will develop smart driving skills through the energy-conscious cycle. In this system, driving results and scores will be displayed to the driver, enabling them to improve their motivation.


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  On-board Device Ground-based system
Driving Assistance Energy Monitoring Traffic Energy Analysis Planning System EE Train Traffic Control
Trial Package
Fixed running profile manual data gathering Engineering service Engineering service -
Basic Package
Real time self-feedback profile automatic data gathering Engineering or Cloud service Engineering or Cloud service -
Advanced Package
Stage 2 and communication with ground system automatic data gathering Cloud service Cloud service -
Integration Package
Real time onboard and ground control automatic data gathering System integration System integration System integration

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Field Operation Test

Energy Efficiency Project - Successful Trial at the Portuguese Railways in 2013 - Technological partnership between Toshiba and Nomad Tech (with support from Nomad Digital and EMEF/Portuguese Railways) This Energy Efficiency Project using an Eco-driving solution achieved average savings of 10%. (Portuguese train fleet, EMUs 3400 on the Douro/Caíde Line)

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On-board Device

  Figure Specification
(Human-Machine Interface)
Color Graphic display
Basic Dimension L 290mm, D 148mm, H 203mm Weight 3.1 kg
I/F Ethernet
(Energy Management System -Controller)
Micro controller
Basic Dimension L 260mm, D 186mm, H 134mm Weight 3.6 kg
I/F Ethernet , GPS

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Ground-based System

Traffic Energy Analysis system

Energy Analysis for each fleet, journey and driver Target Setting of Energy Saving

Planning system for energy

Energy Conscious Algorithm Timetable Adjustment Running Profile Adjustment

EE* Train Traffic Control

Power Supply Voltage Adjustment for energy saving Energy oriented Train Traffic Control Transmission of eco operation instructions to each trains.

* EE : Energy Efficiency

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