Sustainability Management

Toshiba Group has long positioned Committed to People, Committed to the Future. as the main text of our Basic Commitment, the expression of our unwavering determination to contribute to society’s development through our business activities. Grounded in this commitment, as a member of a society that faces issues that include energy shortages, resource depletion, and climate change, we aim to help to solve issues by considering the impact of our corporate activities on society over the long-term, rather than simply pursuing short-term profits.

In order to build ethical and transparent management foundations for our sustainable development as a company, Toshiba Group strives to strengthen E (environment), S (social), and G (governance) and implement sustainability management, and to create and provide rich value in collaboration with our various stakeholders, such as our customers, shareholders and investors, procurement partners, employees, and local communities. We conduct all corporate activities fairly and honestly, guided by the Standards of Conduct for Toshiba Group.

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Sustainability Management Structure

In 2003 Toshiba Group established an in-house organization to promote CSR, and put in place a group-wide promotion system. The Sustainability Promotion Committee, headed by the executive in charge of sustainability and other responsible executives, meets as appropriate to discuss and decide upon the Toshiba Group's activity policy. Subsequently, the Corporate Environmental Management Committee, Risk Compliance Committee, and other Committees formulate and promote action plans and key performance indicators (KPIs) based on the policy decisions, for each area of their responsibility.
Sustainability Promotion Officers appointed at Group companies in Japan and overseas ensure thorough implementation of Toshiba Group's sustainability activity policies, and track the progress of priority issues at key Group companies.

Sustainability Management Structure

CSR Management structure

The Corporate Sustainability Meeting is held four times a year and attended by representatives from sustainability-related divisions such as general affairs, human resources, environment, procurement, quality assurance and legal affairs to verify the progress of activities.
The annual CSR Forum provides the opportunity for Sustainability Promotion Officers of key Group companies to deepen their understanding of global social issues and make the promotion of sustainability their own. In FY2019, we invited an outside instructor to give a lecture and workshop to Sustainability Promotion Officers and staff working in our harassment consulting staff as part of our efforts regarding diversity and inclusion. The lecture served to deepen understanding of LGBT+ and reaffirmed the necessary considerations for creating a framework that makes employees at each site feel at ease seeking consultation from human resources managers close to them.

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Toshiba Group has been conducting human rights surveys (human rights due diligence) since FY2005 as part of our risk management program.
In FY2019, we surveyed 254 domestic and overseas Group companies.
The answers submitted by the Group companies are gathered, analyzed, and shared with the departments in charge and corrective actions are requested where improvements are necessary.

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Increasing Employee Awareness of CSR

In order to raise sustainability awareness throughout Toshiba Group, the President reaffirms the philosophy of Basic Commitment of the Toshiba Group at every opportunity, such as the start of each term, at company ceremonies, and at start-of-year addresses. The importance of implementing sustainability management is also communicated. Their messages are circulated among domestic and overseas facilities and Group companies through in-house media and the management system. We also conduct training for newly hired employees and newly appointed officers every year as well as e-learning in line with the Standards of Conduct for Toshiba Group in areas such as the environment, information security, human rights, engineering ethics, compliance with antitrust laws and prohibition of bribery.

Toshiba Group's CSR Month

The Toshiba Group has designated December as its CSR Month since FY2006. During this month, we assess our CSR initiatives and conduct Group-wide events comprehensively, such as the CSR Conference as well as social contributions activities at each Group companies and business sites. In FY2019, a message from the President was sent to all Toshiba Group employees confirming the importance of responding to social demands and ESG issues, beginning with the SDGs and the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD). The message also conveys that we must ensure compliance throughout the Group and always put in place the promotion of sustainability. Additionally, Toshiba Group Volunteer Day was held around December 5, the International Volunteer Day, to provide volunteering opportunity for all Toshiba Group employees.

On December 17, 2019, we held our annual CSR Conference, which was attended by executive officers, employees, and labor union representatives. The event was recorded and was provided on intranet to Group employees who were not able to attend the conference. In the conference, the President emphasized the importance of promoting sustainability management and contributing to the SDGs throughout the Group. There also was an annual ceremony to present, the awards for outstanding efforts related to social contribution and promotion of health and safety activities. In addition, Megumi Sakuramoto, Chief ESG Analyst at Asset Management One Co., Ltd., was invited to give a lecture titled Strong demand on ESG, presenting on the necessity of ESG response and challenges for Toshiba Group.

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