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Toshiba Group and the SDGs

The cornerstone text of the Basic Commitment of Toshiba Group is "Committed to People, Committed to the Future." This underlines Toshiba Group's timeless commitment to contributing to the development of society through our business activities and is consistent with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that aim to realize a sustainable society.
Toshiba Group always acts with integrity and has a passion for changing the world for the better, envisioning a future for generations to come and joining with stakeholders to build a new tomorrow. Based on this ideal, we will continue as before to combine the creative power and technological expertise we have built up over the years to tackle social issues that are becoming increasingly complex and serious with the aim of launching a new future.

The Essence of Toshiba

The Essence of Toshiba

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

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Contributing to the SDGs through Our Corporate Activities

In order to promote understanding of the SDGs and initiatives, the SDGs Promotion Team, which is comprised of Toshiba's corporate divisions, played a central role in coordinating with major Group companies and exchanging views to clarify the relations between our business and the SDGs. In the discussion, we examined the impact across the value chain on society, identified 8 goals that the Toshiba Group's business can contribute to, and announced to accelerate these initiatives in The Toshiba Next Plan (FY2019-23 Business Plan) (PDF:2.27MB). Subsequently, we have added 2 more goals that we identified our contribution to society through our corporate activities, and focusing on these 10 goals, Toshiba Group will continue to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs in all of its business activities.

Contribute to the SDGs through Our Corporate Activities

Energy Systems & Solutions

Electricity is indispensable for contemporary lifestyles. Toshiba Group provides various power generation systems that include thermal, nuclear and renewable energy systems as well as power transmission and distribution systems that deliver generated electricity. This ensures the stable supply of electricity and contributes to the creation of foundations that lead to a better life. Moreover, we offer solutions using hydrogen and are tackling the issue of using renewable energy as main power source. At the same time, we have developed heavy ion therapy equipment that leverage technology accumulated in nuclear power business and are currently working to reduce the size of the equipment in order to disseminate their use and application. Although it's difficult to avoid CO2 emissions from the systems being used in production and manufacturing sites, advancing technologies in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has helped reduce emissions as part of efforts to combat global warming.
Toshiba Group's Energy Business aims to continue fashioning a society built on sustainable energy by realizing both the stable supply of power and harmony with the environment as well as creating next-generation energy-related services and new value that the world needs.

Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation

Toshiba Group aims to realize a sustainable society that is safe, secure and reliable in an era characterized by the issue of increasing population concentration in urban centers worldwide. We provide products and systems that help develop cities, revitalize communities and enable more comfortable living. These include systems and solutions supporting society such as water supply and sewerage, highways, disaster prevention, broadcasting, telecommunications, security and automation, railways, motors and inverters, and industrial equipment; building solutions in such areas as elevators and escalators, air-conditioners and lighting; retail and printing solutions for offices and stores; and power storage batteries for hybrid cars and railways. Toshiba Group is also striving to resolve issues such as increasing consumption of energy generated in the pursuit of more convenient and enriched lifestyles for people as well as growing waste. Efforts include reducing the environmental burden of products and systems delivered to customers, promoting the efficient use and reuse of resources such as water, electricity and raw materials in production processes for products and systems, and minimizing the total volume of waste generated. Going forward, we aim to contribute to the realization of a more resilient and sustainable society by taking advantage of our extensive track record and knowledge, and further embracing the IoT and AI.

Toshiba Tec Corporation

Smart Receipt, Electronic receipt service

Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation
Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation
Toshiba Carrier Corporation

Spot and Zone Air-Conditioning Systems

Electronic Devices & Storage Solutions

As the volume of information grows in business and in life, there is an increasing shift toward more energy-efficient electronic equipment, automation in industrial machinery, and automotive electrification and computerization. Toshiba Group is aiming to create a new society in which anyone can live comfortably and safely by responding to these changes.
As an example, an image recognition processor being introduced into advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) for automobiles supports people in a wide range of fields such as automatic control of lighting and air-conditioning, evacuation guidance in a disaster and nursing and child care through use in smart communities. The product therefore helps in the realization of a sustainable society.
In the Electronic Devices Business, we run our operations with the core aim of conducting steady manufacturing. We remain keenly aware of global standards when it comes to the issue of conflict minerals in our procurement of raw materials and to such challenges as waste from packaging due to increasing demand, and take proactive steps to prevent potential problems and make appropriate response as required.
Going forward, we will continue to deliver products to the world that contribute to people's lives and the advancement of industry by promoting innovation with value placed on collaboration with customers.

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation

Digital Solutions

Advancements in digitization have helped connect people with all kinds of things, prompting significant change in the structure of the global industrial structure. Toshiba Group takes full advantage of our experience in IoT and AI and the knowhow cultivated over many years to help resolve increasingly complex social issues through digital transformation and the co-creation of new value together with customers. In addition to the energy and social infrastructure domains, we also provide manufacturing IoT solutions that drive total production optimization, which includes rendering data more visible throughout the product lifecycle, enhancing productivity and quality, and maintaining operations. The continued use of the IoT in the industrial domain has led to the need for new risk countermeasures in terms of cyber security due to internet connectivity. This demands the establishment of industrial IoT security since traditional information security measures are inadequate in this regard.
Toshiba Group aims to realize a digital society that is kind to people and enables more comfortable living. We can achieve this by providing peace of mind and safety through the integration of knowledge and technology in diverse security measures based on a deep understanding of the frontline built up in the creation of social infrastructure.

Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation

Toshiba Group is taking steps in its corporate activities to support business aimed at achieving the SDGs.

With the SDGs, working toward one goal has the ripple effect of contributing to another goal, and as such, Toshiba Group is determined to undertake initiatives that extend beyond the aforementioned 10 goals to cover all 17 of the goals.

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Activities to permeate internal understanding of the SDGs

Toshiba Group undertakes various activities to boost awareness internally of the importance of the SDGs as part of our program to help achieve these goals.

Activities to permeate internal understanding of the SDGs (1)

April 2018
Peter D. Pedersen explains the perspective of resolving global social issues in a lecture titled "Is there a path to new business development based on Society-in, the next innovation frontier?".

Activities to permeate internal understanding of the SDGs (2)

June 2018
Conducting a workshop for engineers at Toshiba Fuchu Complex to show how the SDGs are everyone's problems to resolve

Activities to permeate internal understanding of the SDGs (3)

September 2018
Kazuo Tase, CEO at SDG Partners, Inc. and Akitsugu Yamaguchi, Director at Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation, discussed the SDGs in a dialogue.

Activities to permeate internal understanding of the SDGs (4)

December 2018
A briefing on the SDGs given by the CSR Management Office for branch managers of Toshiba Corporation from all around Japan

Activities to permeate internal understanding of the SDGs (5)

December 2018
Chairman Kurumatani discusses Toshiba Group's SDGs initiatives at the 14th Toshiba Group CSR Conference.

Activities to permeate internal understanding of the SDGs (6)

February 2019
Kazuo Tase, CEO at SDG Partners, Inc., gives a lecture to SDGs managers from core Toshiba Group companies on the topic, "The corporate value demanded today and the SDGs."

Activities to permeate internal understanding of the SDGs (7)

Toshiba Life, August 2018 issue, Special edition Vol. 13 (Japanese)
The topic "SDGs and what we can do today to realize our philosophy, ‘Committed to People, Committed to the Future'" was discussed in the aforementioned in-house communication magazine for Toshiba Group employees and their families.

Activities to permeate internal understanding of the SDGs (8)

Toshiba Clip released in August 2018
The topic "Design philosophy x Amazing technology applied to business for SDGs" was included on the public website introducing trends of "Toshiba companies around the world."

â—†Toshiba Group initiatives tackling the SDGs are also introduced in "Actions for the Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" (Toshiba Group Environmental Website).

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