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CSR Corporate Social Responsibility

Stakeholder Dialogue:

Stakeholder Dialogue with consumers

Date 18 December,2004
Place Toshiba Science Museum
Theme CSR activity of Toshiba Group

Stakeholder Meeting

photo of Tour of the Toshiba Science Museum
Tour of the Toshiba Science Museum

photo of A group discussion
A group discussion

On December 18, 2004, Toshiba held a Stakeholders' Meeting at the Toshiba Science Museum in Kawasaki. The objective of the meeting was to obtain frank opinions from consumers about Toshiba Group's CSR activities. In attendance were 15 participants from wide-ranging backgrounds such as Toshiba product monitors, students, working people, homemakers, and representatives of NPOs as well as six Toshiba Group employees involved in CSR. After touring the Toshiba Science Museum, the participants freely related in a group discussion their ordinary impressions of Toshiba Group's activities.

While participants expressed favorable opinions about the high energy efficiency and durability of Toshiba products, they also delivered some tough opinions to the effect that Toshiba's profile is obscure, that they feel little familiarity with Toshiba, and that in comparison with other companies our environmental activities are inconspicuous and our stance on the environment is ineffectively communicated. Some participants proposed that we use TV commercials and other advertising to actively communicate our contributions in the medical equipment field and other areas not related to home appliances, our environmental initiatives, and our socially beneficial activities.

Comments Obtained at the Stakeholders' Meeting

  • I feel little affinity with Toshiba's TV commercials and other advertising. Toshiba's environmental initiatives are communicated less effectively than those of other companies.
  • I was astonished at Toshiba's large share of the medical equipment market. It would be good if Toshiba publicized that it contributes to society in many areas other than home appliances.
  • Although Toshiba addresses environmental problems by such means as HCFC-free refrigerators, this is something that all manufacturers do. I think it would be good if there were a breakthrough activity about which Toshiba could say, "This is what we do."

Toshiba's Comment

The meeting caused us to recognize anew that we still do not adequately communicate our business activities, environmental initiatives, and social contributions to the public. We intend to utilize advertising and other communication tools to showcase Toshiba Group's socially and environmentally beneficial activities. As one aspect of this effort, we have introduced our activities in the medical sector in the Highlights section of this report.

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