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Stakeholder Dialogue:

Toshiba Group Aspirations and Expectations (Stakeholder Opinions Featured in our CSR Report 2010)

Toshiba Group considers the opinions and suggestions of stakeholders to promote CSR management.
At the time of creating our CSR report, we also hold dialogues with stakeholders on various CSR topics to integrate their views and opinions in our CSR management.

Toshiba Group Aspirations with regard to Developing Personnel Systems

Creating a pleasant work environment based on local values

photo of Yu Junhua

My current focus is on cultivating human resources and building personnel systems at group companies in China. Toshiba China, in striving to fulfill that role, has put in place systems that enable employees to enjoy their work, and has introduced a transparent and fair assessment system, such as based on performance. The aim is to cultivate human resources from a long-term perspective and to create personnel systems based on local values, while respecting the characteristics of Japanese companies, which emphasize the importance of teamwork.
We are also working to create mechanisms for facilitating communication with employees and the labor union.

Yu Junhua
Deputy General Manager, Human Resource Division
Toshiba China Co., Ltd.

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Expectations of Toshiba Group with Regard to Environmental Management

Toshiba can help to mitigate climate change and protect biodiversity

photo of Laura Ediger

Mitigating climate change

As a truly global company with many different businesses and operations all over the world, Toshiba has a unique role to play in the development and transfer of practical methods for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. First of all, the work Toshiba is doing to address its own carbon emissions can be extended throughout its immense network of suppliers, by providing incentives to improve efficiency and the experience and resources to support improvements. Toshiba's products can also enable individuals and organizations to do their part, designing alternative products and services which creatively address areas of major energy use, in some cases by delivering services rather than physical products. In addition, by providing innovative solutions related to energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, Toshiba can help countries meet their public commitments to CO2 reduction, and set the stage for even more ambitious targets in the future.

Protecting biodiversity

The private sector's role in biodiversity protection will only increase as the value of biodiversity as both a public good and a commercial resource becomes more widely recognized and quantifiable. Although governments have been held responsible for biodiversity protection in the past, businesses are now being held to a higher standard. Companies like Toshiba, which have extensive impacts on the use of land and resources, can meet these expectations and prepare for coming regulations by explicitly valuing biodiversity in their decision-making, operations, and assessments. Toshiba should also utilize its tools and technologies to support the public and governments at all levels in their efforts to understand and protect biodiversity.

Laura Ediger
Environmental Manager, BSR

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Expectations of Toshiba Group with regard to Risk Management and Compliance

Anticipate that Toshiba constantly acts with the level of integrity expected of a global company

photo of Kazuo Imai

It is noteworthy that Toshiba's top management accords top priority to compliance with the Toshiba Group Standards of Conduct and that Toshiba is striving to ensure that compliance awareness takes root among each and every employee. Toshiba Group has in place effective systems for managing risk in a timely and appropriate manner and for reinforcing compliance throughout its operations worldwide, taking into consideration regional differences in cultures and business customs. As expected of a global company, it is indispensable that the Group continues its efforts to be a company that is not only trusted by all stakeholders but also evokes a sense of pride among its employees. It can be said that the Group's serious commitment to compliance represents its integrity. I hope Toshiba Group will continue to further strengthen its compliance initiatives and constantly act with integrity.

Kazuo Imai
Attorney at Law, Toranomon Chuo Law Firm

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Expectations of Toshiba Group with regard to Improving Customer Satisfaction

Anticipate that Toshiba Group sets specific goals for enhancing customer satisfaction

photo of Eiko Kamoshida

Making continuous efforts to improve customer satisfaction by a company with a wide range of products and services worldwide is not easy and requires concerted efforts. It is important not only to adopt general principles but also to set specific goals and strive to achieve them. I believe Toshiba Group's initiative of participating in the Japan Manual Contest, is very effective in improving customer satisfaction. As far as its Telephone Response Contest is concerned, I would like to suggest that Toshiba Group solicit external evaluation at the contest, in addition to conducting self-evaluations, and to publicize such initiatives. Paying attention to customer feedback, while treating employees as “in-house customers,” will create a positive spiral that helps improve customer satisfaction. I hope Toshiba Group will continue its efforts to enhance customer satisfaction.

Eiko Kamoshida
Representative, CS Management Office

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Expectations of Toshiba Group with regard to Providing Disaster Relief Aid

Request Continuous Cooperation in the Future

photo of Yukie Osa

We greatly appreciate the support that Toshiba Group has provided over the years to the victims of disasters such as the cyclone in Myanmar and the earthquake in Sumatra. Working in collaboration with a wellknown company not only improves the financial management of our organization but also helps us gain public trust.
We were very pleased to have an opportunity to explain our activities in Sumatra. It is of great importance for us to have our activities understood by as many people as possible. We would like to request Toshiba to provide us with support not only in times of disasters, when it is relatively easy to collect donations, but also at other times in order to help us continue our activities.

Yukie Osa
Chairperson, Association for Aid and Relief, Japan